A Matrix is a miscellaneous item that allows qualified smiths to enchant Amber weapons, Amber armor, Madness weapons, or Madness armor during the creation process.

Use[edit | edit source]

Taking Amber or Madness Ore to Dumag gro-Bonk or Cutter, respectively, will allow them to forge leveled weapons and armor for the Hero. Giving them a matrix as well will give the forged item a leveled enchantment. To create a magical item, the appropriate matrix and amount of material are needed. Each matrix has a type of material and type of weapon or armor associated with it. Matrices are not interchangeable.

For example, an Amber Gauntlets Matrix and two pieces of amber will allow the Amber smith, Dumag gro-Bonk, to create a magical version of the gauntlets with Fortify Hand-to-Hand and Marksman enchantments

Quests[edit | edit source]

Finding a matrix begins The Antipodean Hammer quest.

Matrices[edit | edit source]

Amber[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Matrix Amber Ore ID
Amber Weapon Mold* - 00081A48
Amber Arrow Matrix 1 00016CF1
Amber Bow Matrix 2 00016CF2
Amber Hammer Matrix 4 00016CF3
Amber Mace Matrix 2 0001F3E8
Amber Sword Matrix 3 00016CF4

Armor[edit | edit source]

Matrix Amber Ore ID
Amber Armor Mold* - 00081A4A
Amber Boots Matrix 2 00016561
Amber Cuirass Matrix 5 00016562
Amber Gauntlets Matrix 2 00016560
Amber Greaves Matrix 3 0001657F
Amber Helmet Matrix 2 0001657E
Amber Shield Matrix 2 0001657D

Madness[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Matrix Madness Ore ID
Madness Weapon Mold* - 000
Madness Arrow Matrix 1 0001F3D5
Madness Bow Matrix 2 0001F3D4
Madness Claymore Matrix 4 0001F3DE
Madness Sword Matrix 3 0001F3CD
Madness War Axe Matrix 2 0001F3EE

Armor[edit | edit source]

Matrix Madness Ore ID
Madness Armor Mold* 8 00081A46
Madness Boots Matrix 2 0001F3D6
Madness Cuirass Matrix 5 0001F3D3
Madness Gauntlets Matrix 2 0001F3D2
Madness Greaves Matrix 3 0001F3D1
Madness Helmet Matrix 2 0001F3CF
Madness Shield Matrix 2 0001F3CE

* Items marked by an asterisk are not normally available in-game.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Some places to get started are listed here:

  • Four in Duchess of Dementia Syl's bedroom, in the northwest corner,on the south side against the east wall.
  • Two in the servant bedroom in the House of Dementia.
  • Up to two under the bridge to Xedilian.
  • Dunroot Burrow hollow tree stumps.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

This section contains bugs related to Matrix. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening.
  2. If the bug is still occurring, please post the bug report with the appropriate system template  360  / XB1  ,  PS3  / PS4  ,  PC  / MAC  ,  NX  , depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.
  3. Be descriptive when listing the bug and fixes, but avoid having conversations in the description and/or using first-person anecdotes: such discussions belong on the appropriate forum board.
  •  PS3   Rarely, turning in a matrix to either smith will remove said matrix, but the received gear will be non-magical. Loading an earlier save then turning it in again will cause the rewarded item to be magical as normal.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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