"An ancient Khajiiti shrine called the "Temple of Seven Riddles" has been overrun by the Khajiit's eternal enemy, the dro-m'Athra. With each passing hour, more Lost Cats pour into Nirn through a gaping rift between the worlds. If Tamriel is to be saved, this Maw of Lorkhaj must be closed."
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The Maw of Lorkhaj, also known as the Temple of Seven Riddles, is a 12-player trial that is added with the Thieves Guild DLC. It is a Khajiiti shrine located in Reaper's March, and has been overrun by Dro-m'Athra from the Scuttling Void. Several characters can be found at the start of the trial, most members of the Twilight Cantors faction.


Into the MawEdit

Help Adara'hai defeat the Dro-m'Athra.

The Dark Moon's JawsEdit

Escort Bakhum to the temple so that he can check on his sister-in-law's uncle's cousin, Takanradh.

Notable itemsEdit






  • Lorkhaj is the Khajiiti variation of Lorkhan. According to Andara'hai, Khajiit aren't supposed to stand to close to Ja-Kha'jay before the dead-climb. The bright moons Masser and Secunda can be seen from the Temple, but some can see the Ghost Moon, Lorkhaj.


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