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Mayhem is a Master-level Illusion spell in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that requires the use of both left and right hands and causes creatures and people up to level 25 to fight anything nearby for 60 seconds. This is an area of effect spell and requires a bit of time to charge to use accordingly.

Spell tome[]

Illusion Tome


  • Weight: 1 WeightIcon.png
  • Value: 1250 Gold
  • See Spell Tome for a complete table of spell tomes, their descriptions, and their values.



  • If this or any other Master Illusion spell is cast, it affects a surprisingly vast range and should be cast very rarely.
  • The large area of effect of this spell can create a very amusing brawl. However, the vast range can cause collateral deaths that were unintended (for example, when cast from behind Arcadia's Cauldron in Whiterun, it can reach even as far as the Skyforge. In Whiterun, Riften, and Solitude, all of the market vendors, if nonessential, will die at the hands of either an invincible or essential character or a guard).
  • Anyone seen casting it will receive a bounty.
  • If used effectively, this can easily help clear areas full of enemies, such as Forsworn camps.