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Mazte is a drink that appears in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Mazte is a cheap, plentiful, somewhat invigorating, and very popular brew produced from fermented saltrice.[1] It is a member of Morrowind's local brews, meaning it is cheap and easy to get, since it is not imported. Also, because it is a local brew, it has some negative effects. It will drain and dull the drinker's wit and judgment. It is one of the cheapest alcohols in Tamriel; however, it is plentiful, especially among the poorer commoners.


The following vendors stock this product:


This potion can also be found in the following locations:


Food and Drink for the HermitEdit

Uvoo Llaren asked the Nerevarine to deliver four bottles of Mazte to the hermit Sendas Sathis.


  • Mazte can be compared to sake, a wine based on rice.



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