Mead Hall Business is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. As the new Chieftain of the Mead Hall, run the business and gain profits weekly.


  1. Speak to Svenja Snow-Song about using the Mead Hall for business.
  2. Wait until a week passes by in-game.
  3. The Nerevarine will be appropriately rewarded.


Once Chieftain of Thirsk (by completing The Mead Hall Massacre), the Nerevarine can start a business in the mead hall. Talk to Svenja Snow-Song about mead hall business for the options of sending hunters to collect Snow Wolf and Snow Bear pelts, and/or the option of ordering mead from Skyrim. Each job lasts about one week in-game time.

Thirk HuntersEdit

When the hunters return, the Nerevarine will be given the assorted amount of pelts from each animal.

A Shipment of MeadEdit

The mead arrives to the mead hall in crates and are stored in the Nerevarine's room. Every week the Chieftain will gain 50 gold from the mead hall business.



Mead Hall Business (BM_MeadHall_b)
I have ordered mead from Skyrim. It should arrive in a week.
  • Quest accepted
The shipment of mead has arrived from Skyrim. I can now collect the weekly profits from the sale of mead.
  • Quest complete
Mead Hall Business (BM_MeadHall_c)
Svenja Snow-Song has sent out hunters to kill snow bears and snow wolves, and return with their pelts.
  • Quest accepted
The hunters have returned, and Svenja has given me the snow bear and snow wolf pelts they managed to secure.
  • Quest complete

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