"Yeah. Damned poachers are capturing or killing Wrothgar's game as quick as they can. Some ship it south, others even sell to the Winterborn! Either way, Orsinium goes hungry. Find those bastards and teach them to keep off our hunting grounds!"

Meat for the Masses is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Orsinium.


The laborers helping to rebuild Orsinium need supplies, specifically fresh meat. The hills and valleys of Wrothgar are typically filled with beasts to hunt, but their numbers are dwindling due to poaching. I must help feed the city's workers.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Gather Stew Meat: 0/25
  2. Stop the Poachers
  3. (Optional) Talk to Bagrugbesh
    • HINT: Bagrugbesh is responsible for the city's food stores. Perhaps I should speak to her.





Journal Entry
I should hunt some of Wrothgar's larger animals for their meat. I should also slay the poachers who are disrupting the city's food supply.
  • Objective: Gather Stew Meat: 0/25
    Stop the Poachers
I should deliver this meat to Bagrugbesh. She'll also want to hear how I dispatched the poachers.
  • Objective: Talk to Bagrugbesh
  • Quest completed

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