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Medium Armor is one of three Armor types available in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is ideal for characters interested in maximizing stamina or stealth.


Active skillsEdit

  • Evasion: Using unnaturally quick reflexes, avoid incoming melee attacks which will have a moderate chance to miss for a medium duration.

Passive skillsEdit

  • Improved Sneak: Decreases the area within which you can be detected and decreases the time to become fully hidden per piece of medium armor equipped.
  • Wind Walker: Increases Stamina regeneration per piece of medium armor equipped.
  • Athletics: Increases sprint speed and reduces the cost of dodging per piece of medium armor equipped.
  • Dexterity: Increases critical strike chance per piece of medium armor equipped.
  • Agility: Wearing 5 or more pieces of medium armor increases attack speed with weapon attacks.

Additional skillsEdit

The Khajiit have an unlockable ability that improves Medium Armor, called Cutpurse.

Skill booksEdit

The following are Skill Books for Medium Armor:

Medium ArmorEdit