Medium Wrapped Corprusmeat is an alchemy ingredient consisting of flesh infected with Corprus disease. It is abundant in areas occupied by members the Sixth House Cult. It is typically found tied to a rope and left dangling from the ceiling, or collected in troughs. The Nerevarine cannot contract the disease from handling or ingesting the meat.


All varieties of Corprusmeat have the same alchemical effects:


Corprusmeat can be used to train one's Alchemy skill by crafting detrimental potions. Although of no practical use to the Nerevarine, the potions can be sold to merchants for a profit.


Medium Wrapped Corprusmeat is carried by Dreamer guards, and can be obtained from their remains once killed.

This item can also be found at the following locations:

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  • This is the least common variety of Corprusmeat found in Morrowind.
  • Corprusmeat and Poison are the only ingredients that have no monetary value.
  • Alchemists who are normally forthcoming with information about ingredients (such as Anarenen and Tendris Vedran) will not discuss the use of Corprusmeat Hunks in their trade.

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