"I am Medora Direnni, former sorceress to the court of Daggerfall."
―Medora Direnni

Medora Direnni is an Altmer sorcerer and member of the Direnni Clan. She lives in Direnni Tower, home of the Direnni Clan. She was the personal sorceress of King Lysandus of Daggerfall during the War of Betony.[1] She became trapped in her home, the Direnni Tower, after Mynisera placed a curse on it.[source?]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

She can be located in Direnni Tower, and can be freed by completing the quest after completing Privateer's Hold.

Medora's Freedom[edit | edit source]

After traveling to the Isle of Balfiera the Hero of Daggerfall can travel to the Direnni Tower and start the quest. After battling the enemies and finding her she will tell the Hero that only the Horn of a Great Unicorn can free her. She says that if her lover Lysandus' mother, Nulfaga, hasn't gone mad she will help. If she is mad, she says the hero will have to search Nulfaga's Castle in Shedungent for the horn.

The Hero will then travel to the castle of Shendungent in the Wrothgarian Mountains and retrieve the horn from a bed in the castle. Upon returning to her she will be freed and her castle returned to its normal uncursed state and reward the hero with a random magical item.

Dust of Restful Death[edit | edit source]

Gather Dust needed for Lysandus' spirit.

Lysandus' Revelation[edit | edit source]

Find out what happened to King Lysandus of Daggerfall.

Lysandus' Revenge[edit | edit source]

Punish Lord Woodborne for the assassination of Lysandus.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Medora's Freedom

"Greetings Agent (Player name). I am Medora Direnni, former sorceress to the court of Daggerfall. I have an interest in helping you in your aim to exercise the spirit of King Lysandus, but I can do little in my present circumstances. If you would pay a visit to a certain other sorceress, I can lift the curse on Direnni Tower. Will you do this for me, Agent (Player name)?"

Yes "I will be in your debt, Agent (Player name). Nulfaga, the mother of my former Lord Lysandus is a renowned mystic, but I have heard whispers that the loss of her son has turned her mad with grief. If this is not true, she can and will help me. I need a certain rare item, the horn of a Great Unicorn to break the curse on Direnni Tower. If Nulfaga is indeed mad, you must search her castle for this horn yourself and bring it back to me. I will expect you back in 87 days."
No "You refuse someone very much in need of your help, Agent (Player name). I hope your conscience will give you peace."

Upon returning with the horn:

"You have succeeded in a most dangerous enterprise, Agent (Player name), but many more such trials await you. By bringing the horn to me, you have helped me lift the curse the Queen Dowager placed on my tower. I hope I can count on you for further aid. For now, take this Cloth Amulet (Random item) as your reward."

Dust of Restful Death

"This is indeed the Dust of Restful Death. As for that letter, it was from Gortwog to me, though I never got it. I heard from him later that his orc warriors were slain attempting to ambush the assassins. Gortwog and his orcs are not the villains most people see them as. Eadwyre and the court of Wayrest have never been particularly loyal to the empire. To assassinate a king is treason. I will have my revenge, but first I must find out why Eadwyre would risk this. I will need a month to prepare the Dust. Come back to me at that time and I will give it to you, along with instructions for its use."

If approached again:

"I thought I told you it would take a month. The powder is not ready yet. Come back later."

Lysandus' Revelation

"The powder is ready. All you need to do is sprinkle it on his true corpse. I must warn you. It will not put his shade to rest, but will soothe it sufficiently to allow you a chance to speak with him. The final excorcism is for Lysandus to choose. I do not know where he was buried. I do know that it is not on the field of Cryngaine where they erected that monument to him. If you do speak to him...could you tell him I still love him. Death will not be a barrier for us for long."

Lysandus' Revenge

"Lord Woodborne is the slayer of my dear Lysandus. There shall be justice, and it shall come from my hand! You would do best to stay clear of Woodborne Hall and Wayrest for some time Agent (Player name)."

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