"I am Medora Direnni, former sorceress to the court of Daggerfall."
―Medora Direnni

Medora Direnni is an Altmer sorcerer and member of the Direnni Clan. She lives in Direnni Tower, home of the Direnni Clan. She was the personal sorceress of King Lysandus of Daggerfall during the War of Betony.[1] She became trapped in her home, the Direnni Tower, after Mynisera placed a curse on it.[source?]


She can be located in Direnni Tower, and can be freed by completing the quest after completing Privateer's Hold.

Freeing Medora with the Unicorn's HornEdit

After traveling to the Isle of Balfiera the Hero of Daggerfall can travel to the Direnni Tower and start the quest. After battling the enemies and finding her she will tell the Hero that only the Horn of a Great Unicorn can free her. She says that if her lover Lysandus' mother, Nulfaga, hasn't gone mad she will help. If she is mad, she says the hero will have to search Nulfaga's Castle in Shedungent for the horn.

The Hero will then travel to the castle of Shendungent in the Wrothgarian Mountains and retrieve the horn from a bed in the castle. Upon returning to her she will be freed and her castle returned to its normal uncursed state and reward the hero with a random magical item.



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