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"The medusa is a creature with the upper body of a woman and the lower torso of a snake. It writhes along using its hands and body to wind its way through its lair. Medusa are very strong and intelligent, and armed with a fearsome weapon. Their gaze has the ability to paralyze an opponent. Because of their magical nature, they are immune to weapons below a certain quality"
―Official Arena Game Guide[UL 2]

Medusa is a creature encountered in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


Attributes[UL 1]
Strength 70
Intelligence 80
Willpower 80
Agility 90
Speed 60
Endurance 70
Personality 30
Luck 60

Medusas as seen in the Official Game Guide

Medusas are reptilian creatures with a dark, green upper body of a woman merged with the lower torso of a snake, clearly a hybrid of human and serpent. They are encountered inside their lairs, normally higher level dungeons, and will protect these places against intruders. Medusas have a black hair and green, hypnotic eyes.

This creature is described by the Official Game Guide as "(a creature who) writches along using its hands and body to wind its way through its lair. [...] Very strong and intelligent." Indeed, Medusas are one of the strongest creatures in The Elder Scrolls: Arena, together with Iron Golems, Fire Daemons, Vampires and Liches.

These hybrids have a high amount of Health, immunity to mundane weapons, immunity to Invisibility and gaze which can paralyze opponents for a certain time. Medusas will fight with their hands at close combat doing massive damage, however they lack any long range ability capable of doing direct damage.

It is possible to revert Medusa's paralyzation using the effect Cure Paralysis, available in spell and potion, which is called Potion of Free Will. Both can be bought in any Mages Guild.

Medusas stand between Fire Daemons and Vampires in terms of strength, which makes it the third strongest creature encountered in The Elder Scrolls: Arena. They are first encountered during the quest "Crystal Tower," locked inside cages in the Bestiary.


The Medusa appears in the following locations:



  • Medusa is based on a figure of the same name from Greek mythology. This mythological figure also had reptilian features and could turn those who looked at her to stone. This is similar to the ability of the Arena Medusa to paralyze its opponents when looked at.



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