Medyn Gilnith is a Dunmer sorcerer and retainer with House Telvanni. He resides at the Shishara tower in the Ashlands region, located south of the Aryon Ancestral Tomb, east of the Odaishah cave, and west of the Sanabi cave. Medyn is hostile towards anyone who is not a member of the House, and will readily engage in combat with any adversary in sight.


Medyn is located on the upper level of the western oval-shaped room. He may initiate combat by using the leveled enchanted ring he is wearing. Otherwise he begins by casting Sleep to drain his opponent's Fatigue. He follows up by casting two poison spells, first Viperbolt then Poisonbloom. After casting three spells Medyn typically turns to melee combat. He is remarkably unskilled in the use of Blunt Weapon weapons, yet uses an unenchanted staff to inflict damage until either he or his opponent is dead.

Attributes and equipment


Medyn Gilnith is a skilled Sorcerer, and an expert in the Destruction and Mysticism schools of magic. He is proficient in the Alteration and Conjuration disciplines, as well as in Enchanting. Medyn has only 6 points in Blunt Weapon, his preferred melee weapon type.
Primary Skills
Destruction 57
Mysticism 52
Alteration 47
Conjuration 47
Enchant 47

Abilities, powers, and spells

Resist Fire - 75%

Ancestor Guardian



Common Robe
Common Shoes
Leveled Ring

Wooden Staff


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