Meet Sul-Matuul is the sixth quest in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, after Zainsubani Informant.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to Urshilaku Camp.
  2. Speak to Zabamund and get permission to address Sul-Matuul.
  3. Talk with Sul-Matuul about becoming Nerevarine.
  4. Go to the Urshilaku Burial Caverns and recover the Bonebiter Bow.
  5. Return to the camp and give the bow to Sul-Matuul.
  6. Talk with the Wise Woman Nibani Maesa.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Caius Cosades[edit | edit source]

After talking with the former Ashlanders in the previous quest, the Spymaster Caius Cosades gives the Nerevarine new orders: they must go to the Urshilaku Tribe and speak with their leaders about the Nerevarine Prophecies.

Caius gives the Nerevarine 200 Gold and advises them to take supplies from Fort Moonmoth. After the conversation, they can talk with Crulius Pontanian or Somutis Vunnis to take potions and other essentials, or they can skip this step and go to the Urshilakus directly.

Ashkhan Sul-Matuul and Zubamund[edit | edit source]

Ashkhan Sul-Matuul

After arriving in the camp, the Ashlanders do not trust the Nerevarine, and refuse to talk. If the Nerevarine inquires about Ashlanders customs, it is possible to raise the tribe's disposition towards the Hero by asking everyone about a "thoughtful gift", and acquiring that gift for them.

In the center of the large group of yurts, the Ashkhan Sul-Matuul's Yurt can be found, but he refuses to talk too, and will attack if the Hero stays in his hut for too long. He cannot be persuaded by any means.

The Nerevarine may enter Zabamund's Yurt and speak with the Zabamund. The Nerevarine will have two options during the conversation; 200 drakes as a gift, or give an honest answer to his inquiry. After convincing him that they are worthy, he will direct them to the Ashkhan Sul-Matuul, who is now willing to talk, but doubts the Hero's intentions. He explains that if they want the help of the Urshilaku, they have to become a Clanfriend, and gives a quest: Sul-Matuul wants the Hero to go in the Urshilaku Burial Caverns and retrieve the Bonebiter Bow of Sul-Senipul from his father's Wraith.

Urshilaku Burial Caverns[edit | edit source]

Bonebiter Bow of Sul-Senipul

The Ancestors Burial Cave, which is located south of the camp, close to the Dunmeri Fort Falasmaryon and the Dwemer Ruins of Bthungthumz. A small door close to a dead tree is easily visible if the weather is clear. The entire cavern is roaming with undead creatures. It is a very large area with many sublocations. The bow can be found in Juno Burial, the deepest section of the caverns, accessible from Laterus Burial. The Wraith of Sul-Senipul is located within the last room in Juno Burial, and will defend the area. After defeating Sul-Senipul's wraith, the Nerevarine may take the Bonebiter Bow of Sul-Senipul from his remains and return to Sul-Matuul.

Nibani Maesa[edit | edit source]

After returning to Ashkhan Sul-Matuul, who is pleased with the Nerevarine's success, the Hero receives the bow and is asked to use it honorably. Sul-Matuul will, then direct the Nerevarine to the tribe's wise woman, Nibani Maesa.

The Nerevarine goes to the Wise Woman's Yurt to speak with Nibani about the "Nerevarine Prophecies". She readily answers all questions and explains the conditions that the Hero must fulfill to be considered as the Nerevarine, "The birth under moon and star, the mark on the corpse and the uncertain parents". However, she says that they are not the Nerevarine, yet, but they are one of the people who may become. Then, she gives them two books containing information about the prophecies, and explains that more may be learned from books called The Lost Prophecy and Nerevarine Prophecy, and that the Dissident Priests may have these books.

They should now report back to Spymaster Cosades, who will issue new orders.

Journal Entries[edit | edit source]

Meet Sul-Matuul – A2_1_MeetSulMatuul
ID Journal Entry
1 Caius promoted me to Apprentice rank in the Blades, and gave me the Emperor's secret orders and told me to read them. The Emperor thinks the Nerevarine prophecies are genuine, and that I may be the Nerevarine. I'm being sent to the Urshilaku Camp to speak with the heads of the Nerevarine cult, Sul-Matuul and Nibani Maesa. I'll tell them my story, and tell them to test me against the Nerevarine prophecies, then report back to Caius.
5 Nuleno Tedas gave me directions to Urshilaku camp. The camp is due north from Maar Gan, but high ridges lie in the way. Follow Foyada Bani-Dad, a deep ravine just north of Maar Gan, northwest to the sea. A shipwreck at the seamouth of the ravine is a landmark. Swim east around the headland. Pass east through the ruins of Assurnabitashpi Shrine. Urshilaku Camp lies east of the ruins, inland in a low hollow.
11 I have slain an Urshilaku Ashlander. This will make my mission to speak with Sul-Matuul and Nibani Maesa more difficult.
13 I have slain an Urshilaku Ashlander. This will make my mission to speak with Sul-Matuul and Nibani Maesa more difficult.
20 I have been told to go speak with Zabamund, a gulakhan, Sul-Matuul's champion, in his Zabamund's yurt. If Zabamund gives me permission, then I may enter the ashkhan's yurt and speak with Sul-Matuul.
35 I have persuaded Zabamund that I must speak to Sul-Matuul. Now I must go to the ashkhan's yurt and tell Sul-Matuul that Zabamund has sent me.
40 Sul-Matuul has sent me to the Urshilaku Burial Caverns to fetch Sul-Senipul's Bonebiter Bow. Sul-Senipul was Sul-Matuul's father, and his spirit guards this bonemold long bow deep in the burial caverns. If I return to Sul-Matuul with this bow, he will adopt me into the Urshilaku tribe as a Clanfriend. And then Sul-Matuul will send me to the wise woman, Nibani Maesa, to be tested against the Nerevarine prophecies.
42 I must go to Urshilaku Burial Caverns to retrieve Bonebiter, the bonemold long bow of Sul-Matuul's ancestor, Sul-Senipul. Sul-Matuul says that the Urshilaku Burial Caverns lie to the south-southeast of Urshilaku camp, halfway between the camp and the slopes of Red Mountain. He warns me that Ashlander ancestral spirits guard these burial chambers.
45 I completed the initiation rite by bringing Sul-Senipul's Bonebiter Bow to Sul-Matuul. He has named me a Clanfriend of the Ashlanders He has also given me permission to go to the wise woman's yurt and speak with Nibani Maesa, who will examine me and test me against the Nerevarine prophecies.
51 Nibani Maesa agrees that my aspect -- my birthsign -- and my uncertain parentage fit with the Nerevarine prophecies. But that is not sufficient proof that I am the Nerevarine.
52 Nibani Maesa believes that the Nerevarine should bear the mark of the moon-and-star -- the mark of Indoril Nerevar's family standard.
53 Nibani Maesa believes there is some connection between the recent attacks by mad cultists called 'sleepers' and the Nerevarine prophecies.
54 Nibani Maesa recited the version of the Nerevarine prophecies she knows as 'the Stranger'.
55 Nibani Maesa recited a version of the Nerevarine prophecies she calls 'Seven Visions of Seven Trials of the Incarnate'.
56 The wise women know that some Nerevarine prophecies have been lost. But the Dissident Priests of the Temple study the Ashlander Nerevarine prophecies, and record them in books. Perhaps the lost prophecies can be found there. Nibani Maesa has asked me to go to the Dissident Priests, get them to show me the books, and to tell her what I find there. This sounds like something to mention to Caius. Maybe he'll know how to contact the Dissident Priests.
  • Quest completed
60 Nibani Maesa says I am not the Nerevarine, but I may become the Nerevarine. It seems she is willing to help me unravel the Nerevarine prophecies and my part in them. She tells me to seek the lost prophecies among the Dissident priests of the Temple. If I bring these lost prophecies to her, she will be my guide. And she gave me copies of the Nerevarine prophecies called 'The Stranger' and 'The Seven Visions'. Now it's time to report back to Caius.
  • Quest completed

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Make sure the Nerevarine takes the Bonebiter Bow of Sul-Senipul from the ash-pile remains of the Wraith of Sul-Senipul, once he is defeated. Sometimes the remains are next-to-impossible to notice once the battle is over (especially if they fall 'under' one of the rocks). Failing to do so within three game days will result in the deletion of Sul-Senipul's remains, along with the quest-required bow. This is due to the game logic that causes generic NPCs to respawn and non-permanent corpses to disappear after that three-day period. If the bow is lost, the Nerevarine can still advance along the main quest-line, but only by bypassing much of the interactions with the Ashlander tribe(s). Doing so is a significant break in story continuity, but may be the only option in such an event, excluding reloading an earlier saved game.

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