"Its a fine day, isnt it? The fish are biting, and the water is soothing."

Mehdir is a Khajiit who can be found fishing on the docks, in Vulkhel Guard.


Chasing ShadowsEdit

Mehdir in Vulkhel Guard saw an Imperial man by the lighthouse. Talking to Diranor reveals the man is looking for the local burial grounds. Inside the lighthouse, the Vestige finds a suspicious cellar.


Chasing ShadowsEdit

"It's a fine day, isn't it? The fish are biting, and the water is soothing."

Have you seen any strangers lurking about? "Heh heh. This one thinks you're a bit strange! Kidding! Kidding! Hmm. I am thinking I did see an Imperial man lurking around by the lighthouse, like skittish prey. He thinks I do not see him, but this one has a keen eye."
If you tell me where I can find him, I'll make it worthy your while. [52 Gold] "Very generous! The Imperial was very sneaky, but this one saw him slip inside the lighthouse with another man, very thin and white like a dead thing. They did not think Khajiit was watching, but this one has excellent peripheral vision."
Is there anything else you can tell me? "[?]"


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