Not to be confused with Slaughterer of Frostflesh.

Mehrunes Dagon's Quest is a Daedric quest undertaken by the Nerevarine, on behalf of Mehrunes Dagon, during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



The Daedric Shrine of Yasammidan holds the major shrine dedicated to Mehrunes Dagon on Vvardenfell. His statue serves as his method of contacting mortals in Vvardenfell and can be interacted with by the Nerevarine. He will dictate that the Nerevarine is not worthy of his favor, however he will give the Nerevarine the opportunity to earn it.

From Rust to LegendEdit

Dagon's task for the Nerevarine is to retrieve his legendary weapon, Mehrunes' Razor, from the Alas Ancestral Tomb. The Tomb can be found to the north of Molag Mar, however the small Tomb only contains a rusty dagger. As this is only item of note in the Tomb, the Nerevarine must take the blade and return to Mehrunes Dagon's shrine.

Dagon is pleased, despite the dagger's less than impressive appearance, to see his famed weapon once more. Dagon will then proceed to restore the dagger to its true form, Mehrunes' Razor. Dagon will then give the Razor to the Nerevarine as he believes them to be worthy of wielding it.


Mehrunes Dagon's Quest
IDJournal Entry
10At a Shrine to Mehrunes Dagon, I received a vision from the Daedra Prince himself. He has told me I appear unworthy of his favor, but will allow me a chance to prove myself, if I feel up to the task.
  • Quest accepted
20I have agreed to accept Mehrunes Dagon's challenge, though it could mean my death. It seems that the fabled dagger, Mehrunes' Razor, has fallen into the hands of an unworthy bearer. The former owner is now dead, and the Razor lies, hidden and unused in the Alas tomb near Molag Mar. He has tasked me to find the Razor and return it to him. If I can do this, I will have proven myself worthy enough to wield the weapon myself.
30I have returned to the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon with what I believe was once Mehrunes' Razor. It does not seem to be the weapon of legend anymore. It is rusted and dull, and unfit for use.
 40 Mehrunes Dagon was pleased that I was able to recover the once-great artifact from its resting place. He has taken the dagger and infused it once again with his power. As I have proven myself a worthy bearer of the weapon, Mehrunes Dagon has given me the restored Razor.
  • Quest complete


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