"And thus, Longhaven is cleansed of the rank pollution of the undead. Cherish victory, but do not let vigilance falter. We cannot fathom what evils lie undiscovered in this wild land."
―Mel Adrys[src]

Mel Adrys is a vampire hunter of renown. He is first encountered in the Shademist Moors, where he is tracking down Faenir Blood-Letter, a vampire who has eluded him for years.

He is later found again inside Hrota Cave, where he is trying to root out and destroy the vampire coven established inside.


Mist and ShadowEdit

The Vampire's PreyEdit


Show: The Vampire's Prey

"Leave. This cave poses a danger to those with weak wills."

What kind of danger are you talking about? "The very worst kind—a vampire lord roams these caves. Zalar-do revealed her presence in Anvil when she captured two innocents. I tracked the cat to these caves. If she has tasted the blood of these innocents, my blade shall taste hers."
Sounds like you could use some help. "Zalar-do is no mere vampire. She is a lord with the power to enslave weak minds. Aid me if you wish. But know this—if you succumb to your charms, you will suffer the same fate as she. Now let's go find the people she kidnapped!"
I'm right behind you.

After killing the vampire lord:

"I am glad to admit that I was wrong about you. Your will is as strong as any hunter I have fought beside. Thank you for helping me defeat Zalar-do. And thank you for putting her victims out of their misery."

Does this mean Anvil is safe for now? "From the vampire lord? Yes. But these are turbulent times. Other threats endanger Anvil and the Gold Coast—some even worse than Zalar-do. Remain vigilant, hunter. Perhaps we shall meet again."


The Vampire's Prey
  • "Let the hunt begin!"
  • "Your evil end here, vampire! Prepare to die!"
  • "Zalar-do has been destroyed."
  • "Meet me at the entrance to these caverns, once you're certain all of the vampire's victims have been accounted for."
  • "A vampire lord has been vanquished, but always another appears to take her place. That is the way of things. When evil again steps from the shadows, my blade shall be ready to greet it." – After completing the quest


  • He has a sword with the flame enchantment.



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