Not to be confused with Meluuran.
"No doubt most folk in Skyrim consider the dragons terrifying. I find them... wondrous."

Melaran is an Altmer who serves as the housecarl to Erikur. He can be found either inside Erikur's House or in the Blue Palace.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He is a blunt, outspoken man, with a great respect for Sybille Stentor's magical prowess, although he seems afraid of her. Melaran has a sarcastic side to him.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Should Sybille die, Melaran takes her place as court wizard for Jarl Elisif. He will make a comment on this when asked, and if told he is suited for a position in the court, he will comment on the Dragonborn's involvement in Stentor's demise.

If Melaran is killed, Irnskar Ironhand will send the Dragonborn a letter thanking the Dragonborn for killing him.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Are you the court wizard? "No. That honor is Sybille Stentor's. A smart man (or "woman" if the Dragonborn is female) steers clear of Stentor. And keeps himself (or "herself" if the Dragonborn is female) out of the dungeon when she's having a bad day..."

What do you mean? "Let's just say the headsman's axe may not be the worst way for a Solitude Jail prisoner to die. Look at that. I've told you to watch your tongue and mine is waggling. I've said enough."

So what's your job here, Melaran?

  • "I make sure Erikur keeps breathing."
  • (If Erikur is dead) "I provide my wisdom and insight to the court."

If Sybille Stentor has been killed:

Are you the court wizard? "Now that Sybille Stentor is out of the picture, I am indeed. And the court is, well... free of her... eccentricities. Moving into her quarters was an interesting process."

What do you mean? "Let's just say the headsman's axe may not be the worst way for a Solitude Jail prisoner to die. Look at that. I've told you to watch your tongue and mine is waggling. I've said enough."

A place in court seems to suit you. "It does indeed. You know, I hear you had something to do with Sybille Stentor's demise... That must have been a hard bit of business. I hear Stentor had been alive for a long, long time."

Conversations[edit | edit source]


Erikur: "Melaran, you lazy milk-drinker, have you finished studying the imports from Black Marsh?"
Melaran: "Indeed I have, sir. Elven weapons for their armies, sir. Elven material, but poor workmanship, like most of what we get from them."
Erikur: "Scary, thinking of those boots with an army of Elven weapons at their command. Let's be thankful they're half a world away, eh?"
Melaran: "Even a fine weapon is only as good as its wielder, sir. But they should fetch a high price from the Imperial army."
Erikur: "Right you are, elf! Or even from the rebels, if they've got enough money to make a competitive offer."
Melaran: "As always, lord, your loyalty is a shining example to us all."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Speak if you must, but mind your tongue. I do not suffer fools gladly."
  • "Sybille Stentor has a grasp of magical theory that I would never have expected from a human. Even a Breton."
  • "Working for Erikur may be below my stature, but the compensation is... acceptable."
  • "You are excused."
  • "You are free to leave."
  • "I am done with you. You may go."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the subtitles are turned on, the conversation between Melaran and Erikur will show "Elven weapons" and "Elven material," but Melaran actually says "Daedric weapons" and "Daedric material."
  • Although Melaran takes over as Court Wizard if Sybille dies, he does not act as a Spell Tomes merchant, like she does. Thus, killing Sybille removes a merchant from the game.
  • Melaran is one of the few Altmer men in the game that has facial hair.
  • Melaran seems to harbor dislike for Erikur, as when asked what his position is, he states "I make sure Erikur keeps breathing" in a very aggressive tone.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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