"You have entered a holy place. What is your business here?"
―Mels Maryon[src]

Mels Maryon quote

Mels Maryon is a Dunmer who worships Azura at the Shrine of Azura. He can always be found there and spends all day and nights worshipping.

If the Hero wishes to speak to Azura, he needs to speak to Mels first. When disposition with him is over 50, he will give in and talk about the shrine.


Blood of the DaedraEdit

As Martin is analysing the Mysterium Xarxes for clues on how to open Mankar Camoran's Paradise to retrieve the Amulet of Kings, he discovers that four items are needed for this ritual. One of these is a Daedric Artifact.



"You have entered a holy place. What is your business here?"

Shrine of Azura "These are dark times, and people's minds are poisoned by rumors and superstition. Unless you can persuade me of your good intentions, I cannot speak further on this matter."
Shrine of Azura (At a high enough disposition) "This is the shrine of Azura, Queen of the Dawn and the Dusk. What is your business here, traveller?"
I wish to summon Azura. "If you wish to speak to the Lady, visit her shrine at dawn or dusk. Leave her an offering of glow dust, and perhaps she will deign to speak with you.
I'm passing through. "Then be on your way, lest you anger the Lady."

"We watch and wait."
(After leaving an offering)
"What is your wish, you who have been blessed by our Lady's voice?"

Gutted Mine "There our brethren destroyed the vampire Dratik, but all were infected by the abomination, and were doomed to turn themselves. It was then that Azura, may She bless our days, sealed the cavern, protecting the world from the monstrosities within. It has been sealed ever since."
Shrine of Azura "The Great Lady has spoken... to you alone. The moon and star shall be your guide."


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