"I will not fight you, friend. I have taken a vow. My gods will protect me."
―Melus Petilius[src]

Melus Petilius quote

Melus Petilius is an Imperial living in a small cottage just outside the settlement of Brindle Home. Melus used to be a local hero, slaying beasts and helping the villagers out. But while he was out fighting, his wife, Vena Petilius, died of a fever. As such, he has sworn to never carry a weapon again. He blames himself for her dying and his not being there for her. He visits her grave every day around 11 am.


Molag BalEdit

"Near Brindle Home you will find Melus Petilius. A good man. An honorable man. He disgusts me."
Molag Bal[src]

Molag Bal will tell the Hero to corrupt Melus. In order to do this, they must make him attack them with the Cursed Mace that Molag Bal provides.

After this, Melus will become stricken with grief, and will react to seeing the Hero, fearing he will be hunted by the spirit of the person he killed near his wife's grave.


Molag BalEdit

"I would prefer you leave, friend. Please."

Melus Petilius "I am Melus Petilius. Leave me in peace to mourn my wife, Vena."
Vena Petilius "She was my wife, and I would rather not speak of her now."

"Just leave me. Please."
(If attacked)
"I will not fight you, friend. I have taken a vow. My gods will protect me."
(At Vena Petilius' grave)
"I would ask that you not bother me, especially in this place."
(If attacked at the grave)
"I have sworn not to raise a weapon in anger, but you have offended my honor in this most holy place. Prepare to die, devil."
(After obtaining the Mace of Molag Bal)
"No... you're dead! I killed you myself! What manner of creature are you? Will I be tormented with your image forever?"


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