Mena is a Breton citizen residing at Enmon's House in the town of Karthwasten. She is the wife of Enmon and the mother of Fjotra. She is typically found within her house during twenty-four hours a day.


When attempting to talk to Mena, she is generally negative and wishes people would leave her and the settlement of Karthwasten alone.

Death of EnmonEdit

If Enmon tags along in "The Heart of Dibella" and dies, she isn't affected at all, despite having both her daughter and husband gone, and goes about her daily routine.


The Heart of DibellaEdit

I'm looking for a young girl who lives around here. "Oh, I... I'm sorry. I just can't... you'll have to speak to my husband."


In Enmon's HouseEdit

Mena: "You keep saying that. What if she's gone forever? What if they've done something to her?"
Enmon: "I don't know. The guards are out looking for her, now. They'll be back soon."
Mena: "But why did they take her? What could they want with our little girl?"

Enmon: "Are you all right, dear?"
Mena: "The house is so... empty, Enmon... and quiet."

Enmon: "Are you all right, dear? I thought I saw a tear in your eye a moment ago."
Mena: "Oh, I'm fine, Enmon. I just... I still miss her."
Enmon: "I miss her, too, but I'm glad she's safe."
Mena: "So am I. I hope she's happy at the temple."

Mena: "Enmon, dear, do you have any regrets? About letting her go?"
Enmon: "No... no, we did the right thing. The temple will take good care of her, and one day she'll be helping all of Skyrim."
Mena: "You're right. She'll be a great Sybil, won't she?"
Enmon: "Of course she will. She's our daughter, after all."


  • "Ainethach's in charge of Karthwasten. You should bother him."
  • "What do you want? Can't people leave us alone?"
  • "Strangers are nothing but trouble."
  • "Karthwasten has enough problems. Leave us alone."


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