"Menevia is the central region of Stormhaven and is dominated by the sprawling merchant port of Wayrest. This is the seat of the Cumberland merchant clan, whose mining of orichalcum has recently resulted in both great wealth and regional envy."
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Menevia is a reigon/fiefdom located in Stormhaven, High Rock along the Iliac Bay. Menevia has two ruling capitals that govern the entire region, the cities of Wayrest and Menevia City anchor the region from the north and south. The regional deity is Dibella.

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Menevia is one of the 23 realms located around the Iliac Bay on the High Rock side of the bay. Menevia is bordered by Alcaire in the west, Orsinium Area in the northwest, the Wrothgarian Mountains in the north, and Wayrest Kingdom in the east. Traditionally, Menevia is bordered by Alcaire to the west, Wrothgar to the north, and Gavaudon to the east.

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Second Era[edit | edit source]

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Raid on Pariah Abbey; The Midnight Union[edit | edit source]

Abbot Durak of the Pariah Abbey.

After the Battle of Firebrand Keep, the Daggerfall Covenant went on high alert with the rise of the Supernal Dreamers, a Daedric cult that worships Vaermina the Dreamweaver. The Covenant used a mysterious warrior known as the Vestige to end the Supernal Dreamers and to carry out their sworn mission of uniting the provinces under a new empire. The Vestige traveled westwards to Pariah Abbey to learn how to rebel against Vaermina's touch.[1]

A group of mercenaries known as the Midnight Union raided the Abbey for an artifact known as the Dream Shard. The Union pillaged the abbey and burned the fields surrounding it. Many monks perished in the flames while some died by Union's blade. The Vestige petered out the flames and fought the Union throughout the countryside. Abbot Durak was trying to find a way to defeat the Union and left himself in a deep sleep. The Vestige ingested The Dreamstride and drove the Union away. High King Emeric of Cumberland took notice and had the Lion Guard involved in the matter. Emeric went to the conclusion that Count Hosni at-Tura had something to do with.[2][3][4]

The Omen of Blood; The Crime of Hosni At-Tura[edit | edit source]

Count Hosni at-Tura is a nobleman originally from the city of Rihad that lives in Stormhaven to be a part of the Wayrest Court under Emeric. At-Tura is also the leader of his private militia known as the Midnight Union which has risen throughout Menevia. The Vestige traveled to his estate on the southern shores to confront Hosni about the situation. It was revealed the Supernal Dreamers used the Omen of Blood to control Hosni and have him use the Union to attack Menevia. The Vestige defeated the Omen and saved Hosni. The traveler returned the Dream Shard and was sent to Shinji's Scarp in Gavaudon to help the Murtag Clan fight the Ironhand Ogres.[5][6][7]

The Lion's Endless Nightmare; Vaermina's Gambit[edit | edit source]

High King Emeric and the forces of the Daggerfall Covenant.

The Supernal Dreamers had been eliminated on the peaks of the Weeping Giant in Gavaudon. Azura had answered the Abbey's as well as the Vestige's prayers and revealed Vaermina's plot. She planned to enter the dreams of High King Emeric and to dismantle the Covenant for within his psyche. The Vestige entered the Dreamstride inside Castle Wayrest and traversed Emeric's twisted dreams resembling Quagmire. The Vestige defeated Vaermina and Emeric was saved. But a growing threat in Rivenspire emerged, resulting in a civil war resembling King Ranser's War.[8]

Third Era[edit | edit source]

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Menevia in the Warp in the West[edit | edit source]

During the Warp in the West in 3E 405, the Menevia county was independent of the other 23 kingdoms in the Iliac Bay. The city of Wayrest seceded from the Menevia county and formed the Wayrest Kingdom with the city being its capital. Later in the same year, Menevia annexed into the Wayrest Kingdom.[9][10]

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