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Not to be confused with Mephala's Quest or The Irksome Official.
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"Call me "Webspinner". Pluck but a single thread, and the weave unravels. In Bleaker's Way, two families, Nord and Dunmer, live in perfect harmony. But beneath the surface lurks the secret seed of strife. Kill the leaders of the two families. Plant evidence to implicate the other family as the killer. And don't get caught. Be cunning. Don't spoil my scheme. And don't die... that would spoil everything. Ha-ha-ha-hah!"

Mephala is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. In order to get Mephala to speak with the Hero, an offering of nightshade must be given between midnight and dawn after reaching level 15.


Mephala's ShrineEdit

Obtain a sample of Nightshade and then go to Mephala's Shrine which is northeast of the Imperial City Prison, past the Roxey Inn.

Activate the shrine between midnight and dawn and Mephala will speak. She tells the Hero of Bleaker's Way, a quiet town with its Dunmer and Nord villagers living together peacefully. Mephala wishes that changed. She wants the Hero to murder the heads of both families and leave evidence that implicates the other.

Bleaker's WayEdit

Head to the village, it is located not far to the northwest of the shrine. Ask any villager about Bleaker's Way and the identity of the two leaders are revealed; Nivan Dalvilu and Hrol Ulfgar. Next, gather the evidence to implicate the other family in each murder. Locate Nivan Dalvilu's house, sneak in and look for the Dalvilu Ceremonial Dagger. It is on a small table to the right hand side as they enter the house.

Mephala Quest Davilu

Nivan Davilu killed

From Hrol Ulfgar's house, collect the Ulfgar Family Ring. It is on a table, near the stairs on the second floor, lying next to a book. When the evidence has been collected, find and kill Hrol and plant the Dalvilu Ceremonial Dagger on his body.

Then go and kill Nivan Dalvilu and plant the Ulfgar Family Ring on his corpse.

Alternatively, one may kill one leader, find the evidence object in their house, go kill the other leader, plant the evidence object and find the other evidence object and finally return to the first house and place the other object on the corpse previously killed.

Mephala Quest Aftermath

Aftermath of family battle

Once they have implicated both families, go outside and inform any villager that they have seen the family heads attack each other. Each family attacks the other, and the quaint little village turns into a battle ground.

At this point, the Hero can help their favorite family to victory, just stand and watch the battle or return to Mephala's Shrine.

"Well done, little webspinner. Is there a prettier sight than friends at war? Take pleasure in the strife you have caused, mortal."

Return to Mephala and she will be pleased by the outcome and will reward the Hero with the Ebony Blade.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

Mephala's followers have told me that, in order to summon the Daedra, I must first leave an offering of nightshade at her statue between midnight and dawn. (You must be level 15 to begin this quest.).

  • Update: Upon talking to Mephala:

Mephala has told me about the settlement of Bleaker's Way. She would like me to kill the leaders of the two families, and leave evidence that the murders were done by the other family. I am to allow no one to see me commit the crimes.

  • Update: Upon arriving in Bleaker's Way:

I have learned Nivan Dalvilu is the head of the Dalvilu family, and Hrol Ilfgar the leader of the Nordic Clan.

  • Update: Upon sneaking into the home of Dalvilu:

I have found a Dalvilu ceremonial dagger. This might be useful to leave as evidence.

  • Update: Upon sneaking into the home of Ulfgar:

I have found the Ulfgar family ring. This might be useful to leave as evidence.

  • Update: Upon killing Hrol Ulfgar:

I have killed Hrol Ulfgar. I should leave something in his corpse to implicate the Davilu clan.

  • Update: Upon leaving evidence on Hrol Ulfgar's corpse:

I have left the Dalvilu dagger in the corpse of Hrol Ulfgar.

  • Update: Upon killing Nivan Dalvilu:

I have killed Nivan Dalvilu. I should leave something in his corpse to implicate the Ulfgar clan.

  • Update: Upon leaving evidence on Nivan Dalvilu's corpse:

I have left the Ulfgar family ring in the corpse of Nivan Dalvilu.

  • Update: Upon placing evidence on both corpses:

I have placed evidence on both bodies of the family leaders. Now I must tell someone I saw them attack each other.

  • Update: Upon talking to one of the villagers:

I reported the “attacks” on the family leaders. Soon the families will be at each other's throats. Now I must return to the shrine of Mephala.

  • Update: After speaking with Mephala:

Mephala was pleased with the strife I have caused. She rewarded me with the Ebony Blade.

  • Quest complete



  • Killing both Hrol and Nivan counts towards the murder of an innocent requirement for joining the Dark Brotherhood.
  • Typically, the Dalvilu family wins the battle and the Ulfgar family is obliterated.


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  • If everyone dies, it may not be possible to complete the quest. This can be avoided by going to see Mephala for the reward and then returning to slaughter everyone who is left.
  • If one enters Bleaker's Way before taking this quest one may accidentally cause this quest to fail prematurely. If so, Mephala will refuse to speak with the Hero at all.

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