Meralyn Othan is a Dunmer commoner who can be found wandering in the Great Bazaar in Mournhold.


Meralyn Othan had had a brother, Sevil, who joined the "End of Times Cult," a sect which performs ritual suicide. He has been found dead. Meralyn suspects he poisoned himself.


A Show of PowerEdit

Meralyn lost her brother to a sect called "End of Times Cult." When the Nerevarine is sent to investigate by Almalexia, Meralyn has information about the whereabouts of the sect's leader, Eno Romari. The quest may also start by directly talking to Meralyn Othan.



Greeting "Greetings. How may I help you?"

beliefs "They preach that the Tribunal have lost their powers, and that this is a signal that the apocalypse is near. Eno Romari teaches his followers that our time in Tamriel is at an end, and the gates of Oblivion will soon open and the daedra will walk the land. Only the ancestors who have already left this world will remain once the daedric scourge covers the earth. And so he promotes what he calls "the Cleansing.""

Eno Romari "A lunatic, [PC Name]. You'll often find him outside the Winged Guar, spouting his nonsense to passersby, and to the drunks stumbling out of the tavern."
the Cleasing "It is a ritual suicide, [PC Name]. My brother was no fool, but he was a trusting person, always looking for someone or something to believe in. He thought he had found that in the End of Times."
End of Times "They are a suicide cult, plain and simple. Their beliefs are destructive, heretical, and frightening to me. I don't know how my brother ever got involved with them! I'm beginning to see them all over the city, but you'll most often find them in Godsreach, outside the Winged Guar."

found dead "Yes, my brother was found dead not long ago. I think it was poison, probably given to him by Eno Romari and those sick End of Times lunatics."

Meralyn Othan "I am she."

Sevil "You've heard about my brother? It's hard to imagine he's gone. All would be well if he hadn't fallen in with Eno Romari and those End of Times lunatics. Sevil was a lonely man, a bit lost, but he was hardly stupid. It was that cult that caused his death!"


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