"If we make it through this alive, I'll be amazed."

Merandil is an Altmer guard. He is one of the Kvatch soldiers the Hero of Kvatch encounters holding the barricade when they visit Kvatch. He takes part in the battle that ensues after closing the Kvatch Oblivion Gate.


Breaking the Siege of KvatchEdit

The Hero of Kvatch is tasked with closing the Oblivion Gate outside Kvatch and save the citizens.

The Battle for Castle KvatchEdit

The Hero of Kvatch is tasked with aiding the town guard in taking back the castle and find the Count, Ormellius Goldwine.


"Savlian's not really the captain, you know. We're just following him because he's the highest ranking officer alive."

Kvatch "The whole city burned right down to the ground. There's not point in even being here. We ought to just get away to someplace safe."


  • "We... we did it? And I'm still in one piece! I mean, of course we did it. I never doubted us for a second." – After the area between the gate and the chapel is cleared.
  • "Just follow the Captain's orders."


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