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The Mercantile skill determines how good the prices for a character are in shops. As a character gets higher Mercantile, merchants will accept higher sell rates and lower buy prices. Mercantile is governed by Personality. Unlike in Oblivion, Mercantile experience points are not obtained simply by buying and selling, but only by Haggling to change the buying or selling price. Haggling experience is determined by the ratio between the haggling price and the original price. This ratio, naturally enough, also determines the difficulty of haggling. However, haggling for low priced goods bought or sold in the same transaction alongside expensive ones will be difficult; the ratio between the haggling savings and the low priced goods is high.

Selling prices can drop, along with buying prices, at high levels of mercantile and disposition. To change this, use any means of raising the ratio between the merchant's mercantile and yours, or lower the merchant's disposition. For example, offer unacceptable prices to the merchant, lower Mercantile or raise the merchant's Mercantile slightly, or use up Fatigue.

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