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I begged my husband not to go, but he just wouldn't listen. He said if he delayed the shipment even another week, the Legion would find someone else to take it south.

Let them keep their blasted money. The road to Whiterun is dangerous these days, everyone knows it. So many caravans have been attacked, so many travelers vanished into thin air. Some say it's only bandits, but there are rumors of worse. Goblins. Ghosts. Witches.

Twenty years we've been married now, and I can't bear the thought of losing him. I'm not letting him go alone, not this time. We live or die together. Mara preserve us.


  • A male Nord and a female Redguard can be found near the caravan. This book seems to coincide with the Adventurer's Journal, both of which talk about the caravan attacks. The Falmer seem to have attacked the caravan due to Falmer Arrows being found near the bodies. In addition, a Falmer ear can be found underneath the Redguard woman.


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