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Merchants sell and buy items. They exchange GoldIcon for items purchased, and require GoldIcon for items taken from them.

Increasing a merchant's stock of items below their cash limit can be used to sell more expensive items to them. This is done by first selling the merchant items that are below their cash limit. Then, after the merchant's cash has restocked twenty-four hours later, the Nerevarine can sell them more expensive items by taking cash plus the smaller items back in barter to match the sale price. One can then wait until the next restock and sell the cheaper items back to the merchant. This works better for Creeper and the Mudcrab Merchant due to their higher cash limits and the fact that they always buy and sell at exactly an item's value regardless of the Nerevarine's Mercantile skill. As an example, a 5,000 GoldIcon item could be sold to Creeper. The next day, buy it back and sell a 10,000 GoldIcon item. The next day, one for 15,000, and so on. Then, unwind the process by selling back the barter items.

A few of the items in a merchant's inventory may also be restocked daily and they will reappear for sale after they have been bought. However, the number of the restocking items available is not a set number, but the number they had previously plus any they were sold. So if the Nerevarine buys everything that the merchant has and returns to the shop after they have restocked and sells them back, the merchant will thereafter stock double the amount and so on. Note that with a low mercantile skill, this process is expensive, both losing money to high prices when buying and low cash paid when selling.

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For a complete list of merchants, see Category:Morrowind: Merchants


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