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Meridia is the Daedric Prince of life and Infinite Energies.


Meridia makes an appearance in Coldharbour and assists the Vestige with their goal in re-obtaining their soul. Initially she appears as The Groundskeeper, who acts as an advisor to the Vestige within the Hollow City. Before the One Tamriel update, she was also the primary source in allowing the player to continue onward into veteran content.

Meridia is hinted at being less than benevolent as well as manipulative. By her own admission, she cast the the Hollow City into Coldharbour in order to weaken Molag Bal, with many of her followers being killed or kidnapped in the process.[1] According to her agent Darien Gautier, she used him to disrupt her enemies' plot while promising him freedom, only to have him be lost to the encroaching darkness.[2] The Vestige foils the plots of several of her enemies in the main questlines of Online and Summerset. As seen in the Depths of Malatar, she enslaved many Imperials and transformed them into Lustrants, who are bound to serve only her forever. Her anger at losing Darien led to the death of a Khajiit named J'saad, who was entranced by her.[3][4]

Her followers are known to be relatively rare. They include the Ayleid kings Dynar and Narilmor, Sees-All-Colors, Mezha-dro, Sadara-do, Iratan the Lightbringer, Sir Cadwell, and her creation Darien Gautier, the Golden Knight. Many of her followers on Summerset were wiped out by the Court of Bedlam.[5]


The Final AssaultEdit

The Groundskeeper reveals herself as Meridia and destroys the Dark Anchor, ending the Planemeld. She destroys more dark anchors to halt the Planar Vortex, and shields the Vestige and their allies from the power of Molag Bal while they prepare the Light of Meridia to be unleashed.

God of SchemesEdit

Following the climatic battle with Molag Bal, Meridia transports the Vestige to her realm and presents them with their soul. She offers some information about what happened, and sends the Vestige back to Nirn.

The Dreaming CaveEdit

Meridia speaks to the Vestige through her statue in Eton Nir Grotto. She asks that they rescue her agent Darien Gautier, using the empowered Dawnbreaker gem to find him in Mephala's realm. She is then cut off as Nocturnal invades and causes the statue to bleed purple.



  • Meridia and Molag Bal have a "verbal clash" with one another on their judgement of enslavement, especially after the Vestige defeats Molag Bal in the next proceeding cutscene in which he honors the player for their "achievement."



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