"Thank you for freeing me. It wasn't the chice I would have made, but I appreciate being able to see my son once more."
―Merien Sellan[src]

Merien Sellan is a Breton residing in Eagle's Brook, Glenumbra. He is the father to Tamien Sellan.

During the Bloodthorn Cult attack on the town, he conjured a portal leading to a pocket plane of Oblivion of his own in order to grant a place for the other inhabitants to seek refuge. Once inside, the plane became unstable, trapping them inside.


The White Mask of MerienEdit

Tamien, an ex-Red Rook bandit, claims he wants to save the town of Eagle's Brook. The Lion Guard, however, don't trust him. Tamien says the Bloodthorns are turning townsfolk into zombies. He wants the Vestige's help to prepare a spell to protect the villagers.

Cutting Off the SourceEdit

The Vestige cast Merien's White Mask, a spell to hide the villages from the Bloodthorn invaders. Now Merien wants the help from them to stop the Bloodthorn activity in Eagle's Brook.


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