Merilar Rendas is the co-inventor of the magically imbued spiders that can be found all over Solstheim, with her brother, Servos Rendas. She can be found in the Nordic ruin of White Ridge Barrow.


Merilar and Servos conducted a series of experiments on Albino Spiders native to Solstheim. Through their studies, they discovered that the spiders had the ability to harness magic.

Using an imbuing chamber in White Ridge Barrow, they created several obedient sub-species, but eventually the fumes from the chamber drove Merilar to madness. According to her journal, she locked Servos in a cage and eventually killed him after she feared he would take all the credit for the discovery of the spiders.

She was also able to hear the faint chanting that emanated from the Word Wall within the ancient tomb and became obsessed with trying to harness the energy.


Upon meeting, she immediately turns hostile and will attack on sight. Her main form of attack is her spiders.



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