Methredhel's House is the residence of Adanrel, Carwen, and Methredhel located in the Waterfront District of the Imperial City.

Quests[edit | edit source]

May the Best Thief Win[edit | edit source]

The Hero has spoken with Armand Christophe, who is a member of the Thieves Guild. He offered them a chance to join the guild, but they have to compete against two other thieves, Methredhel and Amusei. Which ever one of us steals Amantius Allectus' Diary first will be inducted into the Thieves Guild. It's somewhere in the Imperial City.

The Elven Maiden[edit | edit source]

Armand of the Thieves Guild has asked the Hero to steal the bust of Llathasa Indarys from Cheydinhal. They will pay 100 Gold coins.

Misdirection[edit | edit source]

S'Krivva tells the Hero that Hieronymus Lex, Captain of the Imperial Watch, has pulled guards from all over the Imperial City to lockdown the Waterfront. He has vowed to remain there until someone rats out the Gray Fox. If one wants to help they have to find Methredhel. She is hiding somewhere in the Imperial City.

Turning a Blind Eye[edit | edit source]

The Hero has entered the Catacombs of the blind monks. The Gray Fox hinted that the true guardians of Savilla's Stone would not be subject to Blood Price. It's likely that also means they won't be too happy to see the Hero. They better be careful from here on.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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