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"Smugglers, mostly, and gamblers - even petty thieves. But they've never been ruffians before now. They almost killed Brother Roland!"
―Sister Safia[src]

Midnight Union is a faction that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online. The criminal guild mainly operates in and around Stormhaven. It was said that they were mere smugglers and thieves and weren't as violent as they were before, until the plot revolving around the Dreamers struck the region.

Count Hosni at-Tura is the leader of the Union. Members of the smuggling ring are also found operating inside Wayrest Outlaws Refuge.


Daggerfall Covenant Quests[]

The Debt Collector's Debts[]

The Vestige helps S'rashi the debt collector with his own debts to Count Hosni and the Union. The khajiit sends him to three notable people around Wayrest to collect money from them.

Fire in the Fields[]

Injured Spirit Wardens[]

Azura's Guardian[]

A Prison of Sleep[]





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