"I serve King Helseth, just like I served King Llethan, and I keep my mouth shut."
―Milvela Dralen[src]

Milvela Dralen is a Dunmer crusader in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. She serves as a Royal Guard in King Hlaalu Helseth's chambers inside the Royal Palace of Mournhold. As armor, she uses a full set of Royal Guard Armor.


Milvela Dralen is one of the guards who served the old King, Athyn Llethan, before his death. She now serves King Helseth, although she does not seem enthusiastic about it. Investigations during the quest "Disloyalty Among the Guards" reveal that she is disloyal to her King and attends secret meetings directed against him.


Disloyalty Among the GuardsEdit

Tienius Delitian, the Captain of the Royal Guard, asks the Nerevarine to find out whether there is any disloyalty towards King Helseth among his guards. Milvela Dralen betrays nothing suspicious when talking to her. However, a very incriminating Handwritten note mentions her and two other guards in a way that suggests they are having secret meetings in the Throne Room.



Disloyalty Among the Guards

"I'm an officer of the Imperial law. Move along."

join the Royal Guards "I serve King Helseth, just like I served King Llethan, and I keep my mouth shut. You want to be in the Royal Guards? That's Tienius Delitian's business, and your business, and none of mine."
Ask about King Llethan. "I'd rather not talk about it."
Ask about King Helseth. "It is my honor to serve King Helseth and Queen Barenziah."
Mention your Hlaalu connections. "If you join the Royal Guard, you swear an oath to the king. Your loyalty to the king is the important thing. And of course House Hlaalu is loyal to King Helseth."


  • "What do you want?"
  • "His Majesty commands...."


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