Milyn Faram is a Dunmer Sorcerer and a member of House Telvanni who has taken Vedelea Othril prisoner. A group of Hlaalu has been attacking the tower of Odirniran. Depending on which House the Nerevarine joined, they will either help the Hlaalu or stop them.


Kill Telvanni at OdirniranEdit

Travel to Odirniran and kill the Telvanni there.


Help Milyn Faram against the Hlaalu attackers.



Odirniran "Yes, Odirniran is my home. If you wish to help me, pelase kill Remasa Othril, the leader of these Hlaalu who pester me. Feel free to kill my servants. I can usually raise them again. Also, please leave Vedelea Othril to me. I do not want her damaged or altered in any way... At least not by you."

After havin killed Remasa:

Odirniran "Is Remasa Othril dead? She is? Excellent. I can get on with my experiments. Since you helped me with these meddling Hlaalu, I might be persuaded to share the results of my research."

Listen to what he has to say. "Scrolls of summoning are, without exception, based on the Law of Similarity as you must know. While others use parts of the creature, such as Daedra skin for summoning Daedra, I have developed a new methods, based on a recovered Dwemer machine. My scrolls only have an image of the Daedra, which works almost as well as a Daedra skin or heart... And at a fraction of the cost. (This dialogue option cannot be selected. Faram will instead respond as if the Nerevarine said "Not interested.")"
Not interested. "It is so much happier here now that Remasa Othril is dead. Now, go away, I have work to do."


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  •  PC   During the Telvanni "Odirniran" quest, after choosing the option of being interested in what Milyn's research is about, the game fails to register the correct response, choosing the option of not being interested. This results in missing out on the physical rewards for the quest.


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