Kwama Egg Mine Concept Art

Concept art of a kwama egg lair in Morrowind.

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Morrowind is well known for its mineral wealth, as there are an abundant amount of mines within the province. There are several different types of mines, such as Ebony, Glass, Diamond, and Egg mines. Ebony and Glass is primarily used for making weapons.

Kwama Egg mine lairs can found throughout the region however they are not exactly mines but instead are used to gather Kwama Eggs, a major food resource within Morrowind. As one might expect these mines have an abundance of Kwama and always have one Kwama Queen in them.

Ebony mining is the most valued within the province, as such several of the major factions particularly the Imperial Legion, House Redoran, House Hlaalu, and House Telvanni maintain a strong influence within the business. There is one Diamond mine that is used, by the Imperial Legion and House Hlaalu in a joint operation.

NameLocationTypeLocation ID
Abaelun Mine West GashThe only operational diamond mine located to the northeast of Caldera.Abaelun Mine
Abaesen-Pulu Egg Mine Bitter CoastAn abandoned egg mine situated in the middle of Seyda Neen and Vivec City.Abaesen-Pulu Egg Mine
Abebaal Egg Mine Azura's CoastA House Telvanni operated egg mine located northwest of Tel Branora.Abebaal Egg Mine
Ahallaraddon Egg Mine Azura's CoastA small egg mine located north of the Shrine of Azura.Ahallaraddon Egg Mine
Ahanibi-Malmus Egg Mine AshlandsAn egg mine located southeast of Kogoruhn in the Ashlands.Ahanibi-Malmus Egg Mine
Akimaes-Ilanipu Egg Mine AshlandsA relatively small abandoned egg mine located north of Falasmaryon.Akimaes-Ilanipu Egg Mine
Asha-Ahhe Egg Mine West GashOne of two egg mines near the village of Khuul. It's used as a hideout for the witch Thelsa Dral.Asha-Ahhe Egg Mine
Ashimanu Egg Mine West GashAn egg mine situated between Ald'ruhn, Andasreth, and Gnisis.Ashimanu Egg Mine
Band Egg Mine Bitter CoastAn egg mine located between Caldera and Gnaar Mok.Band Egg Mine
Caldera Mine West GashAn ebony mine located west of Caldera.Caldera Mine
Dissapla Mine GrazelandsA glass mine located near the Falensaran stronghold.Dissapla Mine
Dunirai Caverns AshlandsA glass mine situated to the southeast of Ghostgate.Dunirai Caverns
Elith-Pal Mine AshlandsAn ebony mine located to the west of the Zainab Camp.Elith-Pal Mine
Eluba-Addon Egg Mine West GashA small abandoned egg mine located west of Ald Velothi just off the coast.Eluba-Addon Egg Mine
Eretammus-Sennammu Egg Mine Azura's CoastA relatively large abandoned egg mine situated between Tel Branora and Molag Mar.Eretammus-Sennammu Egg Mine
Gnisis Eggmine West GashA three level egg mine located in the hills above Gnisis.Gnisis Eggmine
Hairat-Vassamsi Egg Mine AshlandsAn egg mine situated northwest of Maar Gan.Hairat-Vassamsi Egg Mine
Halit Mine AshlandsA busy glass mine located northeast of Ghostgate.Halit Mine
Hawia Egg Mine Ascadian IslesA simple egg mine just north of the Vivec, Foreign Quarter.Hawia Egg Mine
Inanius Egg Mine Molag AmurA blighted egg mine southeast of Suran.Inanius Egg Mine
Madas-Zebba Egg Mine SheogoradA relatively small blighted egg mine west of Dagon Fel.Madas-Zebba Egg Mine
Maelu Egg Mine AshlandsAn abandoned egg mine situated northeast of Ghostgate.Maelu Egg Mine
Maesa-Shammus Egg Mine Molag AmurA blighted egg mine located northeast of Molag Mar.Maesa-Shammus Egg Mine
Massama Cave GrazelandsAn abandoned glass mine located south of the Zainab Camp.Massama Cave
Matus-Akin Egg Mine Azura's CoastA blighted egg mine west of Holamayan and northeast of Molag Mar.Matus-Akin Egg Mine
Mausur Caverns Red MountainAn abandoned ebony mine located inside the Ghostfence.Mausur Caverns
Missir-Dadalit Egg Mine Molag AmurA small L shaped egg mine situated west of Tel Fyr.Missir-Dadalit Egg Mine
Mudan-Mul Egg Mine GrazelandsA small egg mine west of Tel Vos.Mudan-Mul Egg Mine
Panabanit-Nimawia Egg Mine AshlandsA blighted egg mine situated inside the Ghostfence and east of Buckmoth Legion Fort.Panabanit-Nimawia Egg Mine
Panud Egg Mine West GashOne of two egg mines belonging to Khuul, located southeast of the village.Panud Egg Mine
Pudai Egg Mine SheogoradAn egg mine believed to house remarkable Golden Eggs located southwest of Dagon Fel.Pudai Egg Mine
Sarimisun-Assa Egg Mine West GashAn above average sized blighted egg mine situated north of the Andasreth stronghold.Sarimisun-Assa Egg Mine
Setus Egg Mine SheogoradAn abandoned egg mine southeast of Dagon Fel.Setus Egg Mine
Shulk Egg Mine Ascadian IslesA large House Hlaalu operated egg mine situated south of Balmora.Shulk Egg Mine
Shurdan-Raplay Egg Mine Ascadian IslesA relatively small egg mine located southwest of Balmora.Shurdan-Raplay Egg Mine
Sinamusa Egg Mine GrazelandsAn abandoned blighted egg mine located west of Ahemmusa Camp.Sinamusa Egg Mine
Sinarralit Egg Mine GrazelandsA small egg mine situated south of Vos.Sinarralit Egg Mine
Sudanit Mine AshlandsA House Redoran operated ebony mine located west of Ghostgate.Sudanit Mine
Sur Egg Mine AshlandsA small egg mine situated southwest of the Zainab Camp.Sur Egg Mine
Vansunalit Egg Mine Molag AmurAn egg mine located west of Telasero and east of Suran.Vansunalit Egg Mine
Vassir-Didanat Cave Ascadian IslesA lost but not forgotten ebony mine of House Hlaalu located south of Balmora.Vassir-Didanat Cave
Yanemus Mine Red MountainAn ebony mine operated by Ashlanders located east of Odrosal.Yanemus Mine
Yassu Mine Red MountainAn Imperial Legion operated glass mine located inside the Ghostfence.Yassu Mine
Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine Molag AmurA small blighted egg mine far northwest of Erabenimsun Camp.Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine


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