Belletor's Folly.

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Mines are uncommon places in Oblivion. They are similar to caves but are slightly different and are often smaller. Differences include: ore veins, bandits, goblins and usually have more traps. They are uncommon as there is only about 25 mines in Cyrodiil.

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Ore veins are usually found sporadically in some mines. These ore veins are silver and gold ore veins which yield 1–3 silver or gold nuggets when searched. However, they do not re-spawn. Barrels, chests and bags are also common in mines which yield various items.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Bandits or goblins are most common in mines and the Hero can have very lucrative profits off looting their dead bodies.

List of mines[edit | edit source]

Name Location Type Location ID
Abandoned Mine Nibenay Basin northeast of Lake Canulus A former Imperial mine, has now become a home to a group of bandits.
Gold and silver veins.
Barren Mine North of Leyawiin The mine is inhabited by goblins, there is also an Orsimer held captive in a cell.
Silver veins.
Belletor's Folly South of Kvatch
North of Dasek Moor
The mine has been taken over by bandits and ghosts. BelletorsFolly
Bleak Mine North of Anvil The mine belongs to Lord Drad, using Ogres as labor.
Silver veins.
Collapsed Mine North of Arrowshaft Cavern The mine is inhabited by a small group of bandits. CollapsedMine
Crumbling Mine South east of Chorrol Bandits have tried to mine into the sewer system of Chorrol, but they have not completed the job. CrumblingMine
Cursed Mine West of Skingrad This mine is a bandit lair with a leveled bandit ringleader.
Silver veins.
Dasek Moor South of Kvatch Listed as mine but is a fort with Marauders inside. DasekMoor
Derelict Mine Northeast of Skingrad Two goblin clans inhabit this mine, fighting each other as a goblin war is taking place at the time.
Silver veins.
Deserted Mine East-northeast of Mackamentain Bandits and leveled creatures inhabit this mine, with a large number of chests. There is one trap inside.
Silver veins.
Desolate Mine Northwest of Cheydinhal This mine is involved in a Fighters Guild quest, with goblins inhabiting it.
Gold and silver veins.
Doomed Mine Southeast of Cheydinhal There are lots of traps in this mine, with bandits inhabiting inside. DoomedMine
Echo Mine Colovian Highlands, west of Valley View Camp This one-level mine is inhabited by bandits and have two silver veins.
Silver veins.
Empty Mine East of Imperial City A three leveled mine with goblins, both inside and patrolling outside.
Silver veins.
Exhausted Mine Northeast of Imperial City Silver veins ExhaustedMine
Flooded Mine North of Bravil FloodedMine
Forsaken Mine Northeast of Imperial City Silver veins ForsakenMine
Gutted Mine Southwest of the Shrine of Azura. Silver veins GuttedMine
Haunted Mine Northeast of The Drunken Dragon Inn Silver veins HauntedMine
Infested Mine North of Varondo Silver veins. InfestedMine
Pillaged Mine West of Chorrol A two leveled mine with Goblins.
Silver veins
Plundered Mine East of Bruma A two leveled mine with goblins. Here is also the Goblin Totem Staff.
Silver veins.
Rickety Mine East of Cheydinhal Another two leveled mine with bandits and traps. RicketyMine
Shattered Mine North of Kvatch Two leveled mine with bandits and some traps.
Silver veins.
Squandered Mine South of Cheydinhal This three leveled mine is inhabited by bandits.
Silver veins.

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