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Mines are locations in Online that can be found all around Tamriel. Mines may contain a variety of ores, along with enemies and other discoveries.

Online[edit | edit source]

Name Characters Region Province Quests
Argent Mine [?] Wrothgar High Rock Silver Linings, The Skin Trade
Badwater Mine Samsi af-Bazra Badwater Mine [?] [?]
Barrow Trench [?] Greenshade Valenwood The Unfilled Order
Berezan's Mine [?] Deshaan Morrowind [?]
Burroot Kwama Mine Hunindir Grahtwood Valenwood Caring for Kwama
Coldrock Diggings [?] Alik'r Hammerfell
Crestshade Mine [?] Rivenspire High Rock Friend of Trolls
Crosswych Mine Foreman Blaise Glenumbra High Rock The Miner's Lament
Darkshade Caverns Darkshade Characters Deshaan Morrowind Darkshade Quests
Dead Man's Drop Captain Shammin Malabal Tor Valenwood A Nord in Need
Deepcrag Den Deepcrag Characters Deshaan Valenwood Carving Cuttle (Orona), Search and Rescue, You Have to Break a Few
Divad's Chagrin Mine Armin Alik'r Desert Hammerfell
Emberflint Mine Last-to-Water Stonefalls Morrowind Desperate Souls
Entila's Folly (Location) Bakhig Calambar, Auridon Summerset Isles
Faltonia's Mine [?] Grathtwood Valenwood Blood Hunt
Farangel's Delve N/A Stormhaven High Rock Stolen Ashes
Gurzag's Mine [?] Greenshade Valenwood Forthor's Cursed Axe
Hightide Hollow Hjagir Stonefalls Morrowind
Hozzin's Folly Sergeant Seyne Bleakrock Isle A Beginning at Bleakrock, Hozzin's Folly
Koeglin Mine Stormhaven High Rock
Kulati Mines Issal Kasal Alkir'r Desert Hammerfell
Kuna's Delve Eilun Galbenel Kanniz Tograz Reaper's March Valenwood How Few Remain
Lady Llarel's Shelter [?] Deshaan Morrowind
Lost Knife Cave (Online) Lost Knife Cave Characters Eastmarch Skyrim Lost Knife Cave Quests
Lost Prospect Lost Prospect Characters The Rift Skyrim Those She Devours
Mines of Khuras (Online) [?] Glenumbra High Rock A Brush with Death
Mobar Mine Mobar Mine Characters Grahtwood Valenwood Sgolag
Mud Tree Village Mud Tree Village Characters Shadowfen Black Marsh A Last Reminder, Schism
Northwind Mine (Online) Northwind Mine Characters The Rift Skyrim Northwind Mine Quests
Onkobra Kwama Mine [?] Shadowfen Black Marsh
Onsi's Breath Foreman Malumah Bangkorai High Rock
Sandblown Mine Mirudda Alik'r Dessert Hammerfell
Shor's Stone (Online) Shor's Stone Characters The Rift Skyrim Shor's Stone Quests
Strifeswarm Hive Stonefalls Morrowind
Strifeswarm Kwama Mine Stonefalls Morrowind Giving for the Greater Good
Themond Mine [?] Glenumbra High Rock Legacy of Baelborne Rock
Torog's Spite Bangkorai High Rock Claim to Fame
Tower of Lies Tower of Lies Characters Shrouded Plain Coldharbour Truth, Lies, and Prisoners
Triple Circle Mine Deshaan Morrowind A Service for the Dead
Tsonashap Mine Shadowfen Black Marsh

Orsinium[edit | edit source]

Name Characters Region Province Quests
Graystone Quarry Graystone Quarry Characters Wrothgar High Rock In the Name of the King, Quarry Conundrum
Graystone Quarry Depths Graystone Quarry Depths Wrothgar High Rock Quarry Conundrum

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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