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"I shall keep it there with its last intention intact, so that if the love of the people of this city for me ever disappear, so shall the power that holds back their destruction."

The Ministry of Truth,[1] also known as Baar Dau,[2] Lie Rock,[3] or Vivec Ministry,[note 1] is a prison in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The large floating satellite is located above the Temple of Vivec City, suspended only by the power of the god-king Vivec,[1] and later by the Ingenium.[4] The Ministry of Truth holds prisoners that are dangerous to the Tribunal Temple.[1]


Baar Dau was a large moonlet sent to destroy Vivec City by the Daedric Prince, Sheogorath.[2] When Vivec saw Baar Dau falling from the sky, he merely lifted his hand and it froze above the city. Instead of destroying the meteor, Vivec decided to keep it above his city so that if the people of Vivec ever stopped loving him, the meteor would descend on them and destroy them all.[3]

When Vivec disappeared during the Oblivion Crisis around the very end of the Third Era, the Ministry became unstable. Two Dunmer, Sul and Vuhon, made a pact with Clavicus Vile to create a device known as the Ingenium, which would keep it afloat. The device used souls as power to keep the Ministry suspended in air. At first, only the captured souls of outlaws and prisoners were used, but eventually innocent people were as well. Sometime between 4E 4 and 4E 5, when Sul's lover Ilzheven was sacrificed by Vuhon, he attempted to save her from the Ingenium. This caused the device to be destroyed and subsequently nothing kept the Ministry afloat, resulting in it violently crashing into the city of Vivec and completely destroying it, creating an area known as Scathing Bay. The vibrations from the crash caused Red Mountain to erupt, beginning the Red Year. Most of Vvardenfell was and covered with ash or burning in flames, forcing its few surviving residents to flee off of the island.[4] This event is said to be the final contributor in officially ending the Tribunal Temple's worship in Morrowind.[5]


Mehra Milo and the Lost PropheciesEdit

Caius Cosades was recalled to the Imperial City. He wants to find the lost prophecies and deliver them to Nibani Maesa. His parting orders are to go to the Hall of Wisdom and Justice, where Mehra Milo will explain how to get the lost prophecies. He says she is being watched, and if something has gone wrong, she will leave a message under the code word "amaya."





  1. Vivec Ministry is the in-game name in Morrowind.


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