Minn was an Umbrielian working in Qijne's kitchen. He was the second in command of the under-chef Oorol. Oorol and him cooked for Ghol Mansion, but Qijne eventually decapitated Oorol with her filet knife because Lord Ghol was bored by his prandium for the fourth time in a row. Slyr and Annaïg took Oorol's place, so Minn had to help them to impress Lord Ghol.[1]

Minn explained to Annaïg how Oorol and him had been cooking the ingredients that were brought from Tamriel. Unlike Annaïg, they didn't know how to combine the ingredients to make them taste good.

When Toel's kitchen invaded Qijne's kitchen, Annaïg saw how blood spurted up Minn's arm. She saw Minn staggering by, clutching her bleeding gut while her face dissolved into yellow worms.



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