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*[[Hand-to-Hand (Oblivion)|Hand-to-Hand]] (fists)
*[[Hand-to-Hand (Oblivion)|Hand-to-Hand]] (Fists)
*[[Blunt]] (War Hammer)
*[[Blunt]] ([[War Hammer]])
*Head Butt (Horns)
*Head Butt (Horns)

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Minotaurs are forest creatures that have the physical features of both man and bull, much like the one described in the Greek Mythological story of Ovid's. They are nearly twice the height of a man and move with an agility deceptive of their bulky size. Minotaurs will utilize their sharp horns and incredible upper-body strength in combat, as well as wield massive warhammers.

Their horns are valuable and are useful alchemy ingredients. They appear in Oblivion as well as Arena. The more powerful variant, the Minotaur Lord, only appears in Oblivion. They are often in the areas Moranda and Sancre Tor.


Minotaurs are likely descendants of demi-god Morihaus, who said to be man-bull, and Belharza the Man-Bull, Morihaus's alleged son from Alessia and second emperor of the First Cyrodiilic Empire.[1][2]





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