"Did you find my Lute? I feel almost naked without it."
―Minstrel Irdia

Minstrel Irdia is a Dunmer bard residing in The Shining Star; a locale in the Hollow City. She will ask for her Lute, F'lah, which is relatable to the quest The Lost Lute.


The Lost LuteEdit


  • Irdia was forced to play for the Daedra, Dremora and the Seducer Brutes in The Grotto of Depravity for days on end after seeking a hideout when her city was transported to Coldharbour. She was only allowed little breaks every few days, and her Lute, F'lah, was always confiscated in case she wanted to escape. Eventually, she couldn't keep it up, so she left the Grotto without her beloved F'lah.


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