"Selene's not going to like this one bit... I wasn't to be disturbed!"

Minx is a Dunmer and member of Blackwater Brigands bandit group found on The Bloated Float. She wears leather armor with a Blackwater Leather Cuirass and wields a leveled weapon.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

An Unexpected Voyage[edit | edit source]

After the Hero has rested on The Bloated Float, they discover it has been hijacked and is now at sea. The Hero must find out what has happened. Minx is located in the dining area on The Bloated Float. She has the key for top deck.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

An Unexpected Voyage

"Ho there! Where do you think you're going! Selene's not going to like this one bit... I wasn't to be disturbed!"

I'm getting off this boat. "The only way you're getting off this boat is when we throw your corpse over the side! Hahahaha!"
Lynch sent me up here. "Lynch sent you up here? Why? Did he send you to talk to Selene?"
No. He sent me to help you. "You are a liar! Lynch had specific instructions not to disturb me. Since you came from below decks, you must have gotten past Lynch. I swear, you will not get past me!"
Yes. I'm to assist her. "What does she need assistance with? She has Ormil under her own watchful eye in his cabin. Something isn't right here. What happened to Lynch?"
He's dead. "You? You bested Lynch? I always knew he was out of practice. Oh well, I suppose it's up to me to do his job for him as usual!"

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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