"Forward? Believe me, this is my shy and unimposing side. After all, we wouldn't want to give my beloved Cimbar the wrong idea, would we? Find me later and I'll show you what forward really looks like."
―Mirabelle to the Vestige

Mirabelle Motierre is a Breton assassin residing in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. Mirabelle has many disguises as a cover for her role as a Dark Brotherhood assassin.

Background[edit | edit source]

Mirabelle was a noble in the wealthy Motierre family. She grew bored with the life of luxury, and one day murdered her handmaid by strangling her with a gold chain. Mirabelle was then invited to join the Brotherhood. She later began a relationship with a fellow assassin, Cimbar. In her sleeping area, she has several mannequins, as well as a number of beauty products.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Welcome Home[edit | edit source]

After introducing yourself to Mirabelle, she can give you information on her past, the mechanics of the Dark Brotherhood, and the recent murders of fellow assassins.

A Lesson in Silence[edit | edit source]

After returning from At-Himah Family Estate, Mirabelle will be grieving Cimbar's death.

A Special Request[edit | edit source]

Mirabelle, having been working as a serving girl for the Pirate Queen Governor Fortunata ap Dugal, will be found sweeping at the entrance of Anvil Castle. She will recommend poisoning Fortunata's favorite drink decanter as a means of assassinating her.

After informing Fortunata of Commander Marcus Scipio's death, she will invite you to the balcony for a celebratory drink. Mirabelle will then enter serving the drinks.

After the death of Fortunata, Mirabelle will remain on the balcony for other matters. She will tell you of her secret escape route used to exit the castle.

Dark Revelations[edit | edit source]

Mirabelle will be set on going to the Enclave of the Hourglass to get revenge on The Black Dragon for Cimbar's death. She will refuse to stay in the sanctuary, whatever you tell her and what Astara Caerellius orders, she will leave the sanctuary regardless.

As The Black Dragon reveals herself and attacks, Mirabelle will die of her wounds shortly after saying her last words.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: Welcome Home

"So you're the new initiate. Hmm. You're certainly cuter than the last one."

The Matron suggested I introduce myself. "And why wouldn't she, darling? I am her favorite, after all. As a matter of fact, I'm everyone's favorite. I'm sure you'll agree soon enough. Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you. May the Night Mother forever hold you in her cold and loving embrace."
Are you always this forward? "Forward? Believe me, this is my shy and unimposing side. After all, we wouldn't want to give my beloved Cimbar the wrong idea, would we? Find me later and I'll show you what forward really looks like."
Later? Where would you like me to meet you? "Oh, you really are too easy, my darling! I'm just having some fun with you. I suppose I get that from my family heritage. The Motierres are rich, powerful, and blessed with good looks and a wicked sense of humor. Just play along and enjoy."
You come from a noble family? "Oh, there's nothing noble about my family. But I left that all behind. The wealth, the boredom, the servants waiting one me, hand and foot. One day, I strangled my handmaid with a golden chain, and here I am. Life in the Brotherhood suits me."
What should I know about the Dark Brotherhood? "You shouldn't know anything, darling. We're a secret organization, after all. I suppose I can tell you that we serve the Night Mother. Her cold embrace binds us together. Never dishonor her. Our contracts aren't mere tasks - we carry out her will."
I'm still not sure how all this works. ""Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear." These words, as part of a complex ritual, form the Black Sacrament. The means by which those in need pray to the Night Mother."
And we consider that to be contract? "Our Mother hears the prayer and whispers to the Listener. The Listener sends a Speaker to arrange the details and create the contract. Then the Speaker selects an assassin to carry out our Mother's will. It's more that just a job. It's a calling."
It sounds like the Brotherhood worships the Night Mother. "This just got much too serious for my taste, darling. Let's talk about something, oh, I don't know, mere decadent. Like how I'd be nibbling on your ear if Cimbar wasn't here. He's watching, isn't he? Maybe a little nibble is in order, hmm…?"
So there have been other recruits lately? "A few. The Speaker sends new initiates to the Sanctuary every so often. New blood, you understand. Before you there was a charming young lad from Glenumbra. Van something, I believe. A shame, really. He was too scrumptious to die so soon."
I heard that a few members had been murdered. "Mind your tongue, Initiate! We're the murderers, not the victims here. But I suppose the circumstances were somewhat … unusual. Someone left Van pinned to the wall of the inn in Kvatch, help up with multiple daggers. When I find the villain …."
Sounds like someone's hunting the Brotherhood. "You don't hunt the hunters! The Brotherhood hunts you. Anything else is a crime against the natural order! But enough of this dark talk. We're just working ourselves into a tizzy. I'd much rather get excited about something more … enticing."
Show: A Lesson in Silence

After accepting to go to Kvatch:

"This is an absolute insult to Cimbar. The old Astara would never send other assassins to finish a job unless she knew the assassin had failed. We haven't even heard back from Cimbar yet. But I shouldn't question the Matron. She is our leader."

What do you mean? "Killing the Grand Sermonizer is Cimbar's current contract. There's no reason to believe he won't complete the job. This paranoia … it doesn't suit us. We're better than this."
Maybe Astara just doesn't want to take chances with this one. "It's true that removing the Grand Sermonizer would send a crucial message. The public needs to know that the loss of a few assassins does nothing to diminish us. Just follow the Matron's orders. I'll keep my objections to myself."
Show: Questions of Faith

"I hope you find her. Foolish girl, running off now of all times. Just bring her back."

Are you doing all right? "I don't need you to look after me, Initiate. I've seen more death than most and sent more than my share to the Void."
But weren't you and Cimbar close? "He was entertaining while he lasted. Perhaps even more so than some of my previous diversions. But that's all he was. What, do you think I loved him? I learned long ago to discard such silly notions."
Do you think Hilde would really run away? "The girl? I wouldn't think so. But the wolf, who can say? Hildegard is of two minds, and that can be both a blessing and a curse."

At the end of the quest:

"Look at those two. You wouldn't know them for assassins of the Dark Brotherhood just by looking at them, that's for sure. Thanks for making sure this ended well."

Any thoughts on the current situation? "I'm loath to admit it, but something strange is going on. It's hard to believe that a single armored warrior in a scary helmet could be behind these troubles, though. It feels … bigger. Like we have enemies surrounding us, just waiting to attack."
What kind of enemies? "That's just it. The Dark Brotherhood doesn't have a lot of enemies. We're just ... business. Most prefer to stay on our good side or utilize us to their own ends. As long as they meet our price, we're happy to oblige. Why destroy such a useful tool?"
Maybe it's personal. "Someone would need a lot of influence to go against us in such a brazen manner. I can't imagine who that would be. Just watch the shadows while you're out and about. Seems we're not the only ones prowling them these days."
Show: A Special Request

After talking to Astara:

"A contract for Governor Fortunata, hmm? Don't let your guard down around her. She goes from all harm to all knives at the drop of a hat. I'll be working Anvil Castle myself for a while. Maybe I'll see you around."

You've got a contract at the castle? "A contract? Not exactly. Astara had me infiltrate the castle staff a few months back, and I need to make an appearance every now and again if I want to maintain the ruse."
You're one of the Governor's handmaidens? "Bite your tongue, Initiate! Better yet, let me do that for you. Anyway, the Matron wants eyes and ears near Fortunata. Let's us know what's going on and gives us an opportunity should the need arise. Besides, no one ever notices the hired help."
So you know Anvil Castle well? "Very well. I know things about that place that even Fortunata's guards don't know. Such as the secret passages. Great way to get around if you don't want to be noticed."

After taking Count Carolus's contract:

"I assume you have a reason for approaching me while I'm working. What is it? Are you trying to get me noticed? Wait a moment. Did you run into a problem with the Governor's contract? Did something go wrong?"

Contract's complete. I have a new one. I need to kill the Governor. "Interesting. I knew we were going to eliminate the Pirate Queen eventually, but didn't expect that today would be the day. Why the sudden change, I wonder?"
Count Carolus performed the Black Sacrament. "He did? I'm impressed. I didn't think the old Count had it in him to ask the Night Mother for help. First the Governor contracts you to perform a kill, then you get a contract to kill her. The Speaker must love this!"
Speaker Terenus told me to talk to you before I deal with the Governor. "Of course he did. I've been studying the castle and the Governor's habits for months now. She keeps a pantry on the upper level. I suggest a dose of poison. Drop it in her favorite decanter of wine and that should do the trick."
How do I reach her private pantry? "The Governor's private pantry is on the top floor. The place is a maze, though, and the Red Sails guard the direct approach nine ways to Sundas. I'd use the secret passages in the eastern corridors. Just look for a red drape over an alcove."
There are secret passages in the castle? "Naturally! Most castles have them. You just need to know where to look. Once you pass through the entry hall, the guards will consider you a threat. If you want to avoid being seen, find a red drape and use the secret passages."
Is poison really the best option for this kill? "The Speaker sent you to me, didn't he? I know Anvil Castle like the back of my hand. And I know the Governor. Poison lets your target do all the work for you. And Fortunata can't resist any excuse to reach for a decanter of her favorite wine."
Since you know so much, why don't you just handle this contract? "I'd love to put an end to her royal pain in the arse, but the Speaker gave this contract to you. I'm just here to offer advice. Tell you what. After you poison Fortunata's wine, I'll stop by for the show. We can share a drink and watch her die."

On the balcony:

"Well, that's done. I'm just glad I was here to be a part of it. I never did like that glorified, over-important pirate. Now be a dear and get back to the Sanctuary. Let Astara know what happened."

Aren't you coming? "I'll be along in a bit. I just want to make sure I can continue my role here after the dust settles and a new administration takes over. If you need a way out, I'll happily let you in on my secret escape route. It's never failed me yet."
You have a secret escape route? "Oh, darling, I have all kinds of secrets! And so did Fortunata. There's a hidden passage in the Governor's suite that she used whenever she wanted to move about in a clandestine manner. I've used it a few times myself. Leads to a cave on the shore."
Thanks for the tip. "You don't have to thank me. We're family, after all. But if you forget you saw me in these rags, I'd be ever so grateful. Now get back to the Sanctuary and let Astara know that Fortunata is as dead as that stuffed chub loon she kept on her mantle."
Show: Dark Revelations

After talking to Astara:

"Astara just gave you my mission, didn't she? Well, I can't say I'm surprised."

Astara said you had information for me. "Did she? So I get to do all the work and you wind up with all the glory? I'm getting a little tired of sticking to the shadows all the time. I'm sorry. Was there something else you wanted from me?"
<Remain silent.> [?]
The information …? "How typical! All right, listen closely. Dasek Moor was a fort once, before it fell into ruin. The Count has a small camp there that he uses from time to time, though I haven't determined why. I guess we all have our secrets."
<Remain silent.> [?]
Anything else? "Hmm. Excuse my attitude, but you have to understand. Cimbar …. Anyway, I've been hunting the Black Dragon. On my own. Got so close I could hear her voice. But I had to break off the hunt. I didn't want to wind up dead, you understand."
<Remain silent.> "Well … right. I suppose that sounds cowardly to you, our newest Assassin. The pride and joy of the Matron and the Speaker both. Your blade never dulls, does it, Assassin?"
Is that why Astara didn't give you this mission? [?]
Why didn't Astara give you this mission? "Isn't it obvious? She thinks I've lost my perspective. That I'm too sad or angry or whatever to do the job I've done a hundred times before. Just promise that you won't tell Astara about any of this. She already thinks I'm reckless enough as it is."
<Remain silent.> [?]
I'll keep your secret. "I … appreciate your discretion. If Astara knew what I've been up to, she'd confine me for my own protection. We're assassins, damn it! We don't need protection!"
I'll go and speak to the Count now. "One more thing. The last time I tracked the Black Dragon, I followed her past the Dasek Moor ruins toward the old Enclave of the Hourglass before I turned back. Make sure the Count tells you what he knows about the Order of the Hour's old haunt."
Thanks for the information, Sister.

Near the entrance to the Enclave:

"Assassin! I hoped I might run into you here."

Mirabelle, what are you doing here? "Who do you think you are to question my actions? If you must know, Astara sent me. To look into the Order of the Hour's activities. Siege weapons, new recruits—they're building an army out here."
Astara sent you here? "Saw right through that, didn't you? Astara didn't send me. That was a lie. I'm here without contract or permission. I know this might be hard for you to understand, but I need to do this. For Cimbar."
What exactly are you planning to do? "Just one thing. I need to find the Black Dragon and make her pay for what happened to Cimbar. I heard her voice and I'd recognize it anywhere. Are you going to stand in my way?"
<Remain silent.> "I don't expect you to understand and I don't want your help. But those siege weapons and other preparations the Order is making, you should do whatever you can to destroy them and disrupt their operations."
No, but I have a task to complete, as well. "Good. I didn't want to fight you over this. By the way, you might want to deal with those siege weapons and other preparations the Order is making. Anything you can do to disrupt their operations will benefit the Brotherhood in the end."
You shouldn't face the Black Dragon alone. "I don't expect you to understand and I don't want your help. Those siege weapons and other preparations the Order is making, by the way. You should do whatever you can to destroy them and disrupt their operations."
I'll disrupt their preparations if I can.

Conversations[edit | edit source]


Kor: "Do you remember the first contract we took together? That High Elf Matron from Summerset?"
Mirabelle Motierre: "I remember you putting poison in five different dinner glasses because you didn't know which one was hers."
Kor: "And then she called for a toast! What was it she said?"
Mirabelle Motierre: "To our health and family, may they last for countless generations."
Kor: "The look on their faces before they all dropped? It really took the sting away from splitting our cut."

Astara Caerellius: "I don't want to hear another word about this."
Mirabelle Motierre: "You think I can't avenge a fallen brother?"
Astara Caerellius: "Enough."
Mirabelle Motierre: "I deserve to be sent after the Black Dragon. This isn't the last you'll hear of it!"
Astara Caerellius: "Of course it isn't."

Show: A Special Request

Governor Fortunata ap Dugal: "I miss sailing the open sea. Things were more clear out there. Kill or be killed. Take whatever you can carry. Fight to keep what's yours.
It's the same here, I suppose. We're just less honest about it."
Mirabelle Motierre: "Your wine, Governor."
Fortunata ap Dugal: "Mirabelle? What are you doing here?"
Mirabelle Motierre: "You know how clumsy Edwina can be, Governor. While she cleans up her mess, I brought your wine so you wouldn't be kept waiting."
Fortunata ap Dugal: "Initiative. I like that in a serving girl.
Very well, then. A toast! To taking what you can and fighting to keep what's yours.
The wine... what did you do?"
Mirabelle Motierre: "We'll drink to your memory, Governor. And to the glory of the Night Mother."
Fortunata ap Dugal: "Mirabelle? She's one of... you?"
Mirabelle Motierre: "Life is fleeting, Fortunata. An illusion. And in the end, everything belongs to Sithis. Tell him I said hello."
Fortunata ap Dugal: <Falls off the ledge to her death>
Mirabelle Motierre: "I'll see you back at the Sanctuary, darling. After I clean up any evidence of our involvement."

Show: Dark Revelations

Astara: "You're too close to this one, Mirabelle. Besides, the Speaker has already decided."
Mirabelle: "Too close?! They killed Cimbar, Astara. I'm going to be a part of this whether you give the command or not."

After reading The Black Dragon's Journal:

Mirabelle Motierre: "Psst! Assassin! Up here! I'm waiting for the Black Dragon."
Lyra: "Setting a trap for the Dragon? Is that the idea?"
Mirabelle: "Wait, who's that with you?"
Lyra: "I am death, you silly fool!"
Lyra: "We'll meet again, assassin. And next time I'll be ready to deal with you!"
Mirabelle: "Don't mourn for me, Assassin. I've always dreamed of the Void."
Mirabelle: "I'll see Cimbar and the Dread Father soon … but you need to warn Astara … the Black Dragon is …."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Advice? Just stay out of Cimbar's way and let him finish the job. But feel free to kill as many of those annoying street preachers as you like. I despise those wind bags. Just keep an eye out for the city guards. You're not ready to deal with them." – During "A Lesson in Silence"
  • "Cimbar's dead. Do you really think I want to talk to you right now?" – At the end of "A Lesson in Silence"
  • "Have you talked to Kor? Seems his little wolf-girl has run off. Will you … see if you can help? Someone should go look for her before anything … well, you know." – Before starting "Questions of Faith"
  • "Astara was looking for you, Initiate. Sounds like she has a special job for you. Ambitious, aren't you? Hasn't taken you long to catch the Matron's eye." – Before starting "A Special Request"
  • "Finally, we start making some real moves. I'm glad I got to be there to see that. I say we kill Count Aquilaros as well, but Astara seems to think we need him to find the Black Dragon. He'd better deliver. I still owe her for Cimbar." – At the end of "A Special Request"
  • "I'm not in the mood, Assassin. Besides, I think the Matron wants to see you." – Before speaking with Astara at the start of "Dark Revelations"
  • "Go on, Assassin. We both have things we need to do." – After talking to her at the start of "Dark Revelations"
  • "Assassin, over here!" – Near the Enclave of the Hourglass
  • "It was nice to get to know you, Assassin. And I know it was your pleasure to get to know me. Be careful in there."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is voiced by Tara Strong.
  • Her family name implies she is an ancestor of Amaund Motierre (Skyrim) and Francois Motierre (Oblivion) which is further given credence by their dealings with the Dark Brotherhood.
  • It is possible that she is related to Lisien Motierre who (like Francois) resides in Chorrol.

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

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