"People act like Sheogorath's disappearance is of some grave significance. But the Shivering Isles are the same as ever, I assure you."
―Mirili Ulven[src]

Mirili Ulven quote

Mirili Ulven is a Dunmer sorcerer researcher living in Highcross. She is usually found in her house or walking around town. Mirili puts all of her time and energy into learning about the creatures and plants of the Shivering Isles, and has little interest of anything else going on unless it starts to effect her.


Taxonomy of ObsessionEdit

She is conducting some sort of research the others will say when asked about her. When the Hero talks to her she will be cross that she is constantly disturbed in her work and give rude replies.

She will tell them that she is making a Taxonomy for everything on the Shivering Isles but she will ask for assistance to pick the ingredients.

Spells for saleEdit

While not technically a merchant, Mirili has three spells for sale to assist in her quest. She only offers them during a certain stage of her quest, and will no longer offer them once its finished.


  • "They say there's a newcomer about. I wonder where he's from?"
  • "I'll have to update my encyclopedia. I had an entire volume devoted to the Gatekeeper, and now he's dead."
  • "I suspect that the Resonator is affecting the migration patterns of baliwogs, but it's going to take years of study to be sure."
  • "Everyone's talking about Duke Thadon and his Chalice. How tedious. Don't people understand I have important work to finish?"
  • "The palace intrigues of the House of Dementia are of no interest to me."
  • "People are all excited about the Great Torch being relit. Personally, I don't pay any attention to politics."
  • "I understand Dementia has a new leader. Not my area of interest, honestly."
  • "I understand Mania has a new leader. Not my area of interest, honestly."
  • "All my work on the Fringe... wasted. I'll have to begin my research all over again."
  • "I'd be very interested in taking a look at this new Gatekeeper. An entirely new form of life!"
  • "The tedious to-ings and fro-ings of the armies of Sheogorath are of no interest to me."
  • "With the Greymarch ended, I need to devote some serious study to the obelisks. They have proven more interesting than I had thought."


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