"My father and mother are the richest on the island... and that includes Councilor Morvayn."
―Mirri Severin[src]

Mirri Severin is a Dunmer who lives on Solstheim. She is the daughter of Vendil Severin and Tilisu Severin and part of a wealthy family that has contributed to Raven Rock.


Served ColdEdit

Mirri is one of three named characters trying to assassinate Lleril Morvayn due to his ordered execution of their ancestor. The Dragonborn will be asked to find proof of her and her parent's involvement in the assassination attempt and will ultimately end up killing them.



Do you know someone called Miraak? "That's not someone who live in Raven Rock, I don't think... but it sounds so familiar."

Is he somewhere else on the island? "Maybe... I can't help but think of some sort of temple here on the island. Why would that be?"



  • If not killed in the Severin Manor, Mirri will be later encountered in the Morag Tong hideout, dressed in Morag Tong Armor. Her Dunmer Clothes are nowhere to be found.
  • When using the command console to reveal Mirri's relationships, it is revealed that Mirri is supposedly Vendil's lover and not his daughter, while Tilisu is listed as a co-conspirator, not a relative.
  • When Adril Arano is asked about the Severin family, he mentions how people have noticed that Mirri appears close in age to Vendil, giving support to the actual relationships mentioned above.
  • Sneaking into Severin Manor while Mirri and Vendil are the only ones there can also allow you to eavesdrop on a conversation that involves Vendil expressing worry that Tilisu is catching on to their affair. The conversation ends with Mirri telling him not to worry, with the word "father" at the end being in quotes if subtitles are active.
  • Upon her death, either in Severin Manor or at Ashfallow Citadel, her last words are "No, it's not my time..."


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