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Miscellaneous items are items in The Elder Scrolls: Blades used for various tasks.

List of materials[]

Alchemy materials[]

Image Name Rarity Description Gold
Blue Dartwing (Blades).png Blue Dartwing Uncommon The Blue Dartwing darts no more, when the wings of this vibrant butterfly are used in potions and poisons. 3
Daedroth Tooth (Blades).png Daedroth Tooth Uncommon Pulled from the bipedal, crocodile-like creatures from Oblivion, a Daedroth Tooth is highly potent and thus prized by alchemists. 21
Dragon Claw (Blades).png Dragon Claw Uncommon Alchemists and blacksmiths alike both consider a Dragon’s Claw to be nearly as valuable as did the dragon it came from. 32
Ectoplasm (Blades).png Ectoplasm Uncommon Ectoplasm is a strange, gooey substance left behind by ghosts, and its unique metaphysical properties make it a significant alchemical ingredient. 4
Garlic (Blades).png Garlic Uncommon Garlic is a common ingredient found in kitchens across Tamriel, and yet uncommonly useful when mixed with the proper alchemical ingredients. 1
Giant's Toe (Blades).png Giant's Toe Uncommon Dangerous to acquire and odorous in the extreme (for obvious reasons), a Giant's Toe can be an invaluable alchemical reagent. 14
Histcarp (Blades).png Histcarp Uncommon Found in lakes and rivers across Tamriel, the Histcarp ends up in Alchemy shops as often as it does dinner plates. 2
Lavender (Blades).png Lavender Uncommon Often found in soaps and perfumes, Lavender is also used to create weak potions and poisons. 1
Moon Sugar (Blades).png Moon Sugar Uncommon Moon Sugar is an alchemical ingredient used primarily in the production of skooma, an illegal substance traded across Tamriel. 6
Nightshade (Blades).png Nightshade Uncommon While often used to produce vicious poisons, a well-trained alchemist can use Nightshade in beneficial potions as well. 9

Alchemy & enchanting materials[]

Image Name Rarity Description Price
Deathbell (Blades).png Deathbell Common As the name would imply, the flower called Deathbell is lethally toxic, and as such has a variety of poison-related uses. 10
Fire Salts (Blades).png Fire Salts Common Fire Salts are used to create Flame-related enchantments, potions and poisons, and great care must be taken when handling them… 10
Frost Salts (Blades).png Frost Salts Common Frost Salts are used to create Frost-related enchantments, potions and poisons, and are usually collected from the remains of slain Frost Atronachs. 10
Glow Dust (Blades).png Glow Dust Common Typically collected from Wisps, Glow Dust is a magical component used in enchantments, potions and poisons. 10
Honeycomb (Blades).png Honeycomb Common Finding Honeycomb to use in stamina-related enchantments is easy… but safely collecting it is another matter entirely. 10
Imp Stool (Blades).png Imp Stool Common A small fungus found in forests and caves, the Imp Stool can be used in both Health potions and poisons. 10
Void Salts (Blades).png Void Salts Common A key ingredient in creating Shock-infused enchantments, potions and poisons, Void Salts are best kept in the laboratory… and off the dinner table. 10

Building material[]

Image Name Rarity Description Price
Copper (Blades).png Copper Uncommon With its unique color and malleability, Copper is generally used for the construction and upgrade of various buildings. 15
Limestone (Blades).png Limestone Common A common material used in the construction and upgrade of Stone-style buildings, Limestone forms the base of most Imperial architecture. 4
Lumber (Blades).png Lumber Common The thriving forests of Tamriel provide nearly unlimited Lumber, which is used for the construction and upgrade of town buildings. 5

Decoration material[]

Image Name Rarity Description Price
Bronze (Blades).png Bronze Common Long ago, smiths forged weapons and armor of bronze, but today, it is used only to craft statues and other decorations. 60
Crystal (Blades).png Crystal Uncommon Unlike more valuable gemstones, Crystal is commonly used for artistic and decorative purposes. 68
Dye (Blades).png Dye Common With its innate ability to modify color almost instantly, Dye is one of the simplest yet most effective decorative items available. 76
Fabric (Blades).png Fabric Common Just as some residents of Tamriel are more refined than others, so too is their clothing, as evidenced by its high-quality Fabric. 72
Marble (Blades).png Marble Uncommon Marble possesses a strength and beauty that has been utilized in decorations and monuments for centuries. 64
Seeds (Blades).png Seeds Common Every healing herb or beautiful flower begins with the simple Seed. 68

Enchanting material[]

Image Name Rarity Description Price
Common Soul Gem (Blades).png Common Soul Gem Uncommon Filling Soul Gems is dangerous work, as ever more powerful creatures must be hunted to trap their souls in ever larger gems. 98
Elevated Soul Gem.png Elevated Soul Gem Uncommon The largest Soul Gems are unsurprisingly the most valuable... and tend to be used as quickly as they are obtained. 313
Exceptional Soul Gem.png Exceptional Soul Gem Uncommon Soul Gems are often found powering the ancient machines of the Dwemer, but the secrets of their construction were lost with them… 144
Glorious Soul Gem.png Glorious Soul Gem Uncommon Only well-trained enchanters with the finest equipment can handle the power trapped within this gem. 679
Grand Soul Gem (Blades).png Grand Soul Gem Uncommon Trapping the souls of sentient creatures, such as a human or elf, is forbidden by numerous Mage Guilds. 461
Greater Soul Gem (Blades).png Greater Soul Gem Uncommon Because the temptation to experiment with Black Soul Gens is strong and dangerous, enchanters tend to learn their craft under heavy supervision. 213
Lesser Soul Gem (Blades).png Lesser Soul Gem Uncommon With upgraded equipment, an enchanter could use this gem, and the weak soul trapped within, to enhance weapons, armor, and jewelry. 45
Middling Soul Gem.png Middling Soul Gem Uncommon The more powerful the soul, the larger the Soul Gem must be to contain it… and this one isn't very big. 66
Petty Soul Gem (Blades).png Petty Soul Gem Uncommon Soul Gems are used to enchant weapons, armor, and jewelry. 30
Transcendent Soul Gem (Blades).png Transcendent

Soul Gem

Uncommon The power emanating from this gem sends a shiver down your spine, for what kind of creature has such a powerful soul? 1000

Smithing material[]

Image Name Rarity Description Price
Chaurus Chitin (Blades).png Chaurus Chitin Common Sourced from the exoskeletons of giant – and terrifying – subterranean insects, Chaurus Chitin strong, light, and perfectly suited for pieces of armor. 77
Daedra Heart (Blades).png Daedra Heart Common The evil and otherworldly Daedra Heart is the core component of any powerful Daedric weapon or armor. 190
Dragon Bones (Blades).png Dragon Bones Common Dragons are largely presumed to be extinct, and so an ancient Dragon Bone is highly prized for its incredible durability, which a talented craftsman can mold into power weapons and armor. 299
Dragon Scales (Blades).png Dragon Scales Common A Dragon Scale is nearly as tough as its bones, and in the hands of a highly skilled blacksmith, can be used to create some of the finest weapons and armor in all Tamriel. 299
Dwarven Metal Ingot (Blades).png Dwarven Metal Ingot Common The secret to creating a Dwarven Ingot was lost with the sudden disappearance of the Dwemer millennia ago, but blacksmiths can still melt down and reuse the scraps that remain… 31
Ebony Ingot (Blades).png Ebony Ingot Common The Ebony Ingot is the condensed, smith-ready version of a volcanic glass so rare and durable, some believe it to be the crystalized blood of the god Lorkhan himself. 121
Iron Ingot (Blades).png Iron Ingot Common A common metal used for creating basic weapons and armor, Iron is also used in the crafting and tempering of Steel and Silver items. 5
Leather (Blades).png Leather Common Blacksmiths willing to add tanning capabilities to their smithies can utilize the resulting Leather to produce impressive light armor. 8
Malachite Ingot (Blades).png Malachite Ingot Common When a skilled blacksmith blends Malachite with orichalcum and moonstone, the resulting Glass weapons and armor are far stronger than the name might suggests… 77
Moonstone Ingot (Blades).png Moonstone Ingot Common Moonstone is the primary component used for crafting Elven weapons and armor. 49
Orichalcum Ingot (Blades).png Orichalcum Ingot Common Orichalcum is a cornerstone of Orcish metalwork, but the unique ore can be forged by blacksmiths of all races. 20
Pelt (Blades).png Pelt Common Pelts (i.e. untanned animal hides) are typically used to create armor that offers less damage resistance than leather, but better protection against the elements. 5
Quicksilver Ingot (Blades).png Quicksilver Ingot Common Quicksilver is prized among Blacksmiths for its use in crafting powerful arms and armor, including Elven and Daedric. 49
Scrib Chitin (Blades).png Scrib Chitin Common Scrib Chitin comes from the shell of a scrib, the larval young of large insectoids called Kwama, which are farmed in Morrowind. 13
Silver Ingot (Blades).png Silver Ingot Common A beautiful metal of surprising versatility, Silver is used for jewelry as well as etched or alloyed into weapons and armor. 13
Stalhrim (Blades).png Stalhrim Common The enchanted ice known as "Stalhrim" comes from the island of Solstheim, in the Sea of Ghosts. 121
Steel Ingot (Blades).png Steel Ingot Common Steel is used in the crafting of heavy weapons and armor, but doing so requires at least one upgrade to your Smithy. 8

Tempering material[]

Image Name Rarity Description Price
Amethyst (Blades).png Amethyst Uncommon Amethyst's beauty and color make it a common adornment in tombs and temples… and a frequent target of plunderers. 783
Arentine (Blades).png Arentine Epic The gem called Argentine is denser and heavier than one would expect, and has the unique property of absorbing all light around it. It is used in high-end weapons and armor tempering. 20088
Atronite.png Atronite Rare A mysterious stone literally from another universe - the plane of Oblivion – Atronite is often left behind when an Atronach is defeated or dispelled. 5950
Brass Ingot (Blades).png Brass Ingot Uncommon A metallic alloy typically used to make rings and necklaces, Brass looks similar to gold… but it is, most assuredly, not. 231
Diamond (Blades).png Diamond Rare Unlike many gems prized for their color, a Diamond is often judged primarily on its clarity and brilliance, and the difficulty involved in cutting one raises its value even more. 3967
Emerald (Blades).png Emerald Rare An Emerald is extremely rare and valuable, and - because many believe the gem possesses innate magical properties - often used in jewelry. 2644
Faerite.png Faerite Rare The origins of Faerite are a mystery, but it has been noted to appear in locations where great feats of magic once occurred. It is used as an advanced tempering Material 8927
Firebreath Opal.png Firebreath


Epic The stone known as Firebreath Opal, used in advanced tempering of weapons and armor, looks to be burning white-hot but its actually cool to the touch. 30133
Garnet (Blades).png Garnet Uncommon Common amongst Tamrielic nobility, jewelry crafted using a Garnet stone is more reasonably priced than some alternatives. 522
Gold Ingot (Blades).png Gold Ingot Rare Most gold in the Empire is minted into coins, but in the hands of a skilled blacksmith, a Gold Ingot can be instead transformed into the finest jewelry. 1175
Pearl (Blades).png Pearl Uncommon Pearls are often used to make common jewelry, such as necklaces and rings. 231
Pyrine.png Pyrine Epic Few know the true origin of Pyrine, a gold-colored gem of great power, but all can appreciate its remarkable tempering properties. 13392
Ruby (Blades).png Ruby Uncommon Rubies can be found in mines and shops across Tamriel, but the foolish sometimes leave them as offerings on Daedric altars… 1175
Sapphire (Blades).png Sapphire Rare Elegant, impressive, and valuable perfectly describes this magnificent Sapphire. 1763
Topaz (Blades).png Topaz Uncommon While it has no uses in enchanting or alchemy, Topaz is a beautiful stone that is often used to decorate jewelry. 347

Other items[]

Image Name Rarity Description Price
Scroll of Revival (Blades).png Scroll of Revival Rare Speak the words on this Revive Scroll, and when you die, it will bring you back to life, your Health restored in full. N/A

Quest items[]

Image Name Rarity Description Obtained during
Stone Tablets.png Stone Tablets Rare These ancient Stone Tablets have been inscribed with faded Ayleid runes. The Name of Evil
[?] White Ghost Banner Uncommon The White Ghost Banner typically marks the territory of the White Ghost goblin tribe. Goblins United
[?] Iron Skull Banner Uncommon The Iron Skull Banner bears the signet of - who else - the Iron Skull goblin tribe. Goblins United
[?] The Blue God Rare The Blue God, as it is so called, is a small statue of Malacath covered in blue paint, and sacred to all goblin-kind. The Blue God
[?] Elder Scroll Legendary There is no item more legendary than an Elder Scroll, herald of annihilation and ecstasy, itself a fragment of creation from outside time and space. The Haunted Forest
[?] Ancient Ayleid Crown Epic This Ancient Ayleid Crown once belonged to the Sorcerer-King Celemaril Light-Bringer, until he was vanquished by his brother Valentis. The Ayleid Crown
[?] Ritual Incantation Epic The ancient Ayleid Ritual Incantation required to bind the Sorcerer-King to his magical prison. The Ghost's Tale
[?] Varla Stone of Air Epic This Varla Stone has been specially attuned to the Element of Air. The Five Stones
[?] Varla Stone of Flame Epic This Varla Stone has been specially attuned to the Element of Fire. The Five Stones
[?] Varla Stone of Frost Epic This Varla Stone has been specially attuned to the Element of Frost. The Five Stones
[?] Varla Stone of Iron Epic This Varla Stone has been specially attuned to the Element of Iron. The Five Stones
[?] Varla Stone of Light Epic This Varla Stone has been specially attuned to the Element of Light. The Five Stones
[?] Message from the River Snake Uncommon A letter that reads, "Stay out of my business, unless you wish to end up like your friend." The Big Hit