Missing Supply Ship is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.

Background[edit | edit source]

Several days after completing the previous quest, Falco Galenus is worried about a supply ship delay. And asks the Nerevarine to solve the problem.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]


Carnius Magius in Fort Frostmoth, in the Imperial cult's upper level will ask the Nerevarine to go to the colony and find out what happened to the shipment of supplies.

Missing supplies[edit | edit source]

In Raven Rock, the Nerevarine speaks to Falco, the latter will explain a supply ship, full of tools for the miners never turned up. He then suggests to ask the colonists if they know anything about the supply ship. They will report that they saw a ship North West of the mine.

The shipwreck[edit | edit source]

Following the coast, towards the north-west, the Nerevarine soon reaches a shipwreck. There, many Draugrs will attack the hero. Once they have been dispatched, the Hero may, optionally, levitate to the supply ship's deck, enter to recover the six Miner's Picks that can be found on board.

Apronia Alfena[edit | edit source]

Note: This is an optional "mini-quest" available once at the ship and if the area is clear of enemies.

A very vocal survivor, Apronia Alfena, will make herself noticed, once the Nerevarine has reached the ship. She will ask the Hero to help her return safely to the nearest settlement. If questioned further about the wreck, she will talk about the Bosmer captain, that didn't seem to handle the situation very well. The Nerevarine may then escort her back to Raven Rock. Once in the colony, Alfena will thank the Nerevarine. She will remain at the colony.

Note: She has no weapons or armor and may die on the way, if the wolves and bears weren't previously dealt with.

Back at Raven Rock[edit | edit source]

The Hero may now speak to Falco, and if they have recovered the Miner's Picks, they may sell them for 500Gold each. He will go on to blame the loss of the supply ship on Carnius's greed, as he got a lower priced deal with the Wood Elf captain. He then asks the Nerevarine to report back to Carnius, at the fort. Once Carnius is spoken to, the quest is completed.

Reward[edit | edit source]

The minimum reward for this quest is 300 Gold.

Additionally, Falco will, from now on, buy all Miner's Picks, for 500Gold each.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Missing Supply Ship (CO_3)
Carnius has asked me to go to Raven Rock and see Falco. He wants me to get a copy of the shipping manifest from the first supply ship.
  • Quest accepted
The supply ship never showed up. Falco suggested I ask around, in case anyone has seen anything.
Gamin Girith claims to have a seen a light off the coast to the northwest; perhaps it's the supply ship. I should get this information to Falco.
The supply ship never showed up. A light was seen off the coast to the northwest; perhaps it's the ship. Falco has asked me to look into it.
Falco has asked me to head to the northwest and look for the supply ship, as it carries mining equipment the colonists need.
I have found the supply ship, wrecked on the coast.
I've reported the loss of the ship to Falco. He has asked me to deliver the news to Carnius.
Carnius was furious at the news that the ship had been lost, and that money would have to be spent to arrange for another ship.
  • Quest complete
Missing Supply Ship (CO_3a)
Falco has said that he will pay for any pick axes I can salvage from the shipwreck.
  • Quest accepted
I've turned in several pick axes from the shipwreck; Falco doesn't need anymore. He thanked me for salvaging them.
  • Quest complete
Missing Supply Ship (CO_3b)
Apronia Alfena survived the wreck of the supply ship, and has begged me to take her back to the colony. I should take her to see Falco.
  • Quest accepted
I've delivered Apronia to Falco at the colony site. Perhaps he'll know what to do with her.
  • Quest complete

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