Missing in the Mire is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


The Argonians in Xal Ithix have been picking through trash piles. Now Stranglers, normally docile creatures from the swamp, are attacking them.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Rescue three Scavengers from Stranglers.
  2. Search the trash piles for Nimble-Knuckles' Bow.
  3. Talk to Nimble-Knuckles.


Once the Vestige accepts the quest, search for and kill three stranglers in order to free the Scavengers. The Stranglers are located all around the Xanmeer (the pyramid-like structure), so they are relatively easy to find. Once that is done, return to Sleeps-with-Open-Eyes. She will tell them that Nimble-Knuckles has been seriously wounded by a Strangler's barb, and Eyes will task them with finding Nimble-Knuckles' bow. Search the trash piles around the area to find Nimble-Knuckles' bow. Some of the piles contain random loot, but watch out: most of the piles are guarded by Hoarvors. Once they find her bow in one of the trash piles, talk to Nimble-Knuckles to complete the quest.


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