Mistress Brara Morvayn is a Dunmer noble and one of six councilors for House Redoran. She took her seat on the Redoran Council after her husband was killed defending their manor from corprus. The Nerevarine must convince her to make them Hortator of Redoran. She is located within her Quarters in the Redoran Council Hall.

Fourth EraEdit

After the Red Year and the eruption of Red Mountain, she traveled to Solstheim, becoming an integral part of Raven Rock. Following her death, her son, Lleril Morvayn, took over running Raven Rock.[1][2]


Main QuestEdit

Redoran HortatorEdit

The Nerevarine has asked Miner Arobar to be named Hortator. The Nerevarine's story interested him, but he was concerned about rumors he heard about one from the Temple. He has agreed to consider the matter further, and to consult with his other colleagues on the council.

House Redoran QuestsEdit

Recover the Ash StatueEdit

Brara Morvayn has requested the Nerevarine bring an Ash Statue from Morvayn Manor, which is west of Skar, to Lloros Sarano at the Ald'ruhn Temple so that he can destroy it.


Redoran Hortator

"I am Brara Morvayn, a councilor of House Redoran. Is there something I can do for you?"

Redoran Hortator "Athyn Sarethi says he believes your story, and believes you can be trusted. I still have my doubts, especially with these rumors that you are a spy for the Empire, but life cannot be lived without risks. I agree we need a Hortator, and I see no better candidate than you. So let the record show that Councilor Morvayn confirms Nerevarine (Player name) as Hortator of House Redoran."

If approached again:

"Have the other councilors seen the wisdom of naming you the Redoran Hortator?"

Redoran Hortator "You have my vote as Hortator of House Redoran. Speak with the other councilors. Tell them you have earned my trust. You may have trouble convincing Bolvyn Venim. He has done great things for House Redoran, but he can be a difficult man. He cannot honorably decline a challenge if you have the council's support, and if he were to die in an honorable duel, I and the other counilors would still support you."



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