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"The powers of Oblivion hold no great mysteries for mages like me, and House Telvanni has no time for folklore and childish superstitions."
―Mistress Dratha[src]

Mistress Dratha is a Dunmer magister of House Telvanni, who lives in her tower at Tel Mora on Vvardenfell. She previously had control over Vos, but was replaced by Savarak Fels, who is now trying to control her Telvanni tower as well. Her mouth is Llayne Sadri.


Reclaiming VosEdit

At Any CostEdit


Vos Objective: Reclaiming Vos
Dratha will be lying incapacitated in her bed, muttering the following:

When she regains her strength later on, she will say to you:

"Llayne tells me I have you to thank for unearthing Savarak's plot on my life. Interesting. Speak with her. She'll make sure you are properly rewarded. Then we can determine if you might be of further use."

Side Quest: At Any Cost

"Let me get a better look at you. Hmm. Your eyes are wrong, but your palms seem clean enough... I have a task for you. If you succeed, you'll earn the favor of a Telvanni councilor and a treasure from my vault. Is this agreeable?"

Maybe. What is it you want?

"Hmm. Looks like the Daedra certainly put you through your paces. How did you fare? Do you have the stones I asked for?"

Yes. I have the stones right here. "Good. My dear Llayne chooses her allies well. I'll prepare the stones, but one task remains. You might be equal to the challenge..."
What more do you need? "I must call on a particularly shrewd Dremora named Xykenaz. He refuses all summons, so we'll have to use... less pleasant means of negotiation. I'll send you to his home plane. Go there, weaken him, and I'll draw you both back to Nirn."
Wait. You want me to bring a Dremora here? Why would I do that? "Surely an adventurer of your stature isn't frightened of a single Dremora? Summoning Daedra is no more dangerous than taming bears―and even dull-witted Orcs can do that. It's quite safe. I'll send it away as soon as our business is concluded."
I'll think about it. "I hope you'll keep those deliberations brief. I'm opening the path now. When you stand ready to face Xykenaz, simply enter the portal. And don't worry, I'll make sure you have a way back to the other side. I always keep my promises."

"The portal will lead you to Xykenaz's chamber. Keep your wits, child. There's more to this creature than meets the eye."



  • "The Sharmat... lurking. Waiting. Curses beneath the mountain... Hear me, Incarnate! Hear me."
  • "Not now... not yet. The fire. The unmourned house. Must... be ready."
  • "Hortator and Incarnate... must rise. I have to prepare. I have to..."
  • "I envy your youth. I might have found some way to rob or deceive a weakened benefactor, but not you. It's just on to the next adventure."



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