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Mistwatch is a barrow that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online. The ancient dwelling place is located high above the Eastmarch tundra to the south and is occupied by the Ternion Monks, who worship the Three Old Gods of Skyrim: the Bear, the Fox and the Wolf. Known for their unorthodox healing powers, they are still considered a cult by most Nords.


Eternal SlumberEdit

The Vestige races to Mistwatch along with Thane Oda and Prince Irnskar to save a dying King Jorunn from a poison from one of Fildgor's assassins.

Gods Save the KingEdit

The Dreamwalker is lost in King Jorunn's nightmares. The Vestige must enter the Dreamstride and try to rescue both of them before the Daedric poison kills the King.



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